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Fly High 3 Lesson 25

Fly High 3 Lesson 25  Can we make a sandcastle? sandcastle - замок з піску They can make beautiful sandcastles. Yesterday we made a beautiful sandcastle. Can you make a sandcastle? armbands - нарукавники I’ve got my

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Fly High 3 Lesson 24

Fly High 3 Lesson 24 Did You Drink Your Milk? Grammar: Questions in Past Simple Vocabulary Fly High 3 Lesson 24 flippers -  листа We’ve got our flippers. sun cream - сонцезахисний крем Have you got

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Seasons and Months

Let's learn to tell about seasons and months of the year. Year 2 Elementary school Hi, I'm Karina and I love all seasons and months of the year because all of them are beautiful. Let's

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Shevchenko Street

Tell about your street Elementary School Level A1 Hi, I am Nastia. I live in Kaniv, a well known Ukrainian town. Everyone in Ukraine knows my town because it is linked with the name of

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Kyiv Ukraine Capital City

What do you know about the capital of Ukraine? Elementary school: learn to speak about Kyiv Hi, I'm Vlad and I've learnt to speak about Kyiv Ukraine capital city in English. Kyiv is the capital

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The Street I Live In

My Street Elementary School Hello, my name is Vlad. Today I'll tell you about the street I live in. It's called Geroiv Nebesnoi Sotni (Heavenly Hundred Heroes Street)  and it is one the central streets

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Funny Facts about Ostriches My name is Anastasia. I love birds very much, from the smallest, such as hummingbirds, to the largest such as ostriches. The  ostrich is the largest bird in the world. I will

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Fly High 3 A Week in London

Holiday in London Fly High 3 A Week in London Sally’s Story will help you discover the capital of Great Britain, learn Past Simple of regular and irregular verbs and revise the days of the week