Briefly About Me

Briefly About Me Let's have practice in speaking. Speak about yourself, please. Level A2 Elementary Hello, briefly about me. I'm Vlad and my surname is Steblyna. I'm ten years old. I'm from Ukraine. The colours

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Grammar Test Year 3

Grammar Time To do this grammar test Year 3 well, you should at first revise Present Simple and Present Continuous. Grammar Test Year 3 Part 1 Choose the right form. 1.The book … interesting. am

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Present Perfect Elementary

Let’s learn to use the Present Perfect Tense Present Perfect Elementary is for students of elementary school to make acquaintance with the Present Perfect Tense and start using it in the sentences of their own.

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Princess Angelica

Hi, I am Karina. I'm in Year 2. I want to tell you about a beautiful princess. Her name is Angelica. She lives in a very big castle. There are many rooms in Angelica's castle: living

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London Sightseeing Tour

How about making a sightseeing tour around London? Elementary school Year 4 London Sightseeing Tour Vocabulary a tour – тур It was a long tour. They made a tour around the world. This tour is

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Travel on Business and for Pleasure

Travelling Elementary school Year 4 People travel on business and for pleasure. Let's learn the words to speak about travelling. Vocabulary to travel on business – подорожувати у справах His uncle is very busy, he

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Travelling Is Fun

Why Do People Travel? Elementary School Year 4  Do you agree that travelling is very popular? Do you think that travelling is fun? Let's learn the words to speak about travelling. travel  - подорожувати We often

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Fly High 3 Lessons 26 – 28

Fly High 3 Fly High 3 Lesson 26 You Must Be Brave must - повинен I must clean my teeth every day. I mustn’t run in school. I must always do my best. Students must do

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