Tell the Time

Telling the Time If you have a problem how to tell the time in English, let's learn how to do it. Level A1 Let's learn how to tell the time. Look at the clock and

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My Favourite Toy

Elementary School Speaking Time: My Favourite Toy Do you like playing with toys? Have you got your favourite toy? My favourite toy is my brown teddy bear. Speak about your favourite toy, will you? Level

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Make Our World a Happy Home

Let's Make Our World a Happy Home Hi, I'm Karinka. I'm in Year 4 and I know how to make our world a happy home. Year 4 Level A1 We live on the planet Earth. Our

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My School Life

My School Life Elementary School Year 4 Hi, I'm Karina. I'm a schoolgirl from Ukraine. I'm nine. I am in Year 4. It is the last year in primary school in Ukraine. I'd like to

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Dates in English

Read and Write Dates Correctly Let's learn how to read and write the dates in English. Revise: the days of the week months of the year Cardinal and Ordinal Numerals Level A1 /Elementary How to

My Bird

Can you draw and describe your bird? Level A1 Year 3 I like drawing and I'm crazy about learning English. This is my drawing and I'm going to describe my bird in English. This is

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Ladybug, My Favourite Cartoon Character Tell about your favourite cartoon character, will you? Year 3 Level A1 Elementary Hi, I'm Karina. I'm eight. I like watching cartoons. I'd like to tell you about my favourite cartoon

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Solar System Planets

Planets of the Solar System Here you will a brief information about each of the Solar System planets. Level A1 Elementary Word List Solar System Planets planet - планета the Solar System - Сонячна система Sun - Сонце energy - енергія

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