Write about a person who has influenced your life the most


A grandma’s heart is always wide open and her love is never ending

My granny is a person who has influenced my life the most. Her name is Valentina. I lived in her flat from my birthday. When I was six and started school I moved to my parents’ house. I visit my granny every weekend.


She has got beautiful green eyes and dark hair. She is average height and she is slim. She is crazy about growing
flowers. She’s got lots of them in her apartment and in the garden. She is also fond of reading books.

I think she is high teach. She’s got a laptop and can chat with her friends in the Net for a long time.

My grandma is kind and easy-going, smart and nice, industrious and honest.

I love my dear granny and she loves me. She is the best granny in the world!



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