23 04, 2017

My first flight

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I think travelling by plane is very exciting. I travelled by plane four times. I' d like to tell you about my travelling to Montenegro. It was my first fight. I travelled with my family. We got to the airport by car. When we arrived there we put our luggage on a cart and went

18 04, 2017

Buying Jeans

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Make up and role-play a dialogue on doing shopping at a ready-made clothes department.   S – shop assistant C – customer S: Can I help you? C: I’d like a pair of jeans. S: What size do you wear? C: Thirty-six. S: What colour would you like? C: Blue. S: Here’s a nice pair.

18 04, 2017

Christmas shopping

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Form 6 Write a letter to your friend. Tell him / her about your Christmas shopping. Dear Andrian, I hope you’re fine. Christmas is one of my favourite holidays. We usually buy lots of delicious things for Christmas dinner. We do our shopping at the supermarket. We use a trolley and walk round the shop.

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