16 05, 2024

Advertising is Important

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Why Is Advertising Important? Advertising is important because it helps companies share information about their products or services with a lot of people. Advertisements can be found in many different places: on TV and radio in newspapers and magazines on the Internet (on web pages, on social media websites (on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) outdoors

11 06, 2023

Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton, a Synonym to Fashion and Luxury Hello there! I'm Dasha and I'm sure you know that Louis Vuitton is one of the world's leading international fashion houses. But have you heard that Louis Vuitton is famous for cases and purses of a light colour? Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion house and company

4 06, 2023

My Favourite Shop

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Which shop do you like the best and why? Hi there! I'm Sofia. I like going shopping very much and it's difficult for me to say what my favourite shop is. We often do shopping in Kyiv and in our regional centre Cherkassy. There are some malls in Cherkassy but my favourite one is "Liubava". It

4 06, 2022


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Shopping Is a Necessity Shopping is an activity that is enjoyed by many people around the world. There are also people who hate shopping and say that it is a waste of time. But whether people like shopping or not, they have to go to a shop to buy what they need because shopping is

6 05, 2020

Internet Shopping

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Read and speak about the Internet Shopping The Internet is a network of linked computers enabling people to search for information and communicate with each other. The rapid rise of the Internet has been driven in part by the ability of users to access it from home, work and other locations. Another key factor has

29 11, 2018

Shops and Services

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Learn vocabulary "Shops and Services" to feel comfortable abroad. Vocabulary List shop / to shop - магазин / покупать в магазине store (Amer.) - магазин department store - универмаг The shops in this town close at 6 o’clock. - В этом городке магазины закрываются в 6 часов. to shop around - присматриваться / сравнивать цены и качество на товары и

26 11, 2018

Shopping: List of Useful Phrases

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Learn these phrases and you won't have any problems shopping abroad. I’ve got (I’d like, I want) to do some shopping. Where do you usually do shopping? Let’s go to the … (supermarket, hypermarket, mall, bakery, grocery, delicatessen, etc.) Let’s do our shopping/ Let’s go shopping. Can I help you? Are you being attended? I

25 11, 2018

My Opinion about Advertising

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Writing: Write your opinion about advertising Adverts are everywhere. There are hoardings in the streets, leaftles in your letter box, jingles on the radio, commercials on the TV, brochures in shops, glossy ads in magazines, personal ads in newspapers, handwritten ads on the supermarket wall and famous faces on the sides of buses. Advertising is

22 02, 2018

Shopping in Britain

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If you want to go shopping in Britain, it's important to know some facts. If you are a traveller in Britain, you should know some popular shops and supermarkets.     Shopping in Britain To buy food in Britain people usually go to the baker’s, to the butcher’s, to the sweet shop (confectionery), to the

21 02, 2018

Shops and Shopping

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Learn to speak about different kinds of shops. Do you agree that shops and shopping are important in our life? Do you like shopping? What kinds of shops do you like and why? Level A1/A2 Word List Shops and Shopping important - важливий almost every day - майже кожен день sell (sold, sold) - продавати shop-assistant – продавець

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