22 11, 2020

Pros and Cons of the Internet

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What are pros and cons of the Internet? Hi, my name is Katia. I spend several hours on the net every day. I'd like to tell about some pros and cons of the Internet. The Internet is an international computer network connecting other networks and computers from companies, universities, different organizations, etc. It is the

9 09, 2020

Pros and Cons of Social Networking

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Have Practice in Writing Write a for-and-against essay about pros and cons of social networking. state the topic in your introduction define points for social networking define points against social networking sum up the advantages and disadvantages of social networking Student's essay Pros and Cons of Social Networking Hi, I'm Dasha and I am a user

24 02, 2020

Social Networking

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Pros and Cons of Social Networking Social networks are very popular. Modern social networking sites are not just about connecting and sharing information. Such platforms are being used for many different purposes. Most people are still using social networking sites for social purpose while many are using them for a business purpose. Government, security agencies,

28 01, 2020

Internet Growing Popularity

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The Internet Read about the Internet growing popularity As the Internet grows in popularity and its technological capacity, and the content is developing, we're watching something historic happening: something as significant as the development of the scientific method, like the invention of printing and the arrival of the Industrial Age. It is now clear that the

25 11, 2019

Internet in Education

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet in Education In this digital age, every school can access the Internet. The Internet is one of the most powerful educational tools which is always ready for use. Within seconds you can learn about new civilizations, travel to the past or the future, see fantastic pictures of nature, cities

18 11, 2019

Television And Communication Among Friends and Family

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Have Practice in Writing Do you agree with the following statement? Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Use specific reasons and examples to support your idea. TV plays a very important part in our life. In some places it is the main source of information. It’s the window on the world which gives

2 12, 2017

My mobile phone

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How do you use your mobile phone?   Have you got a mobile phone? Yes, I have got a mobile phone. It’s my birthday present. It’s a smart phone Asus. How do you use it? I phone my family and friends. I take photos, surf the internet, play games, send and get text messages, listen to

22 04, 2017

My favourite gadget

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What is your favourite gadget? What do you use it for? My favourite gadget is my mobile phone. I use my mobile phone for listening to music, chatting with my friends and family, taking pictures, storing music in albums, downloading music and necessary information, searching the Internet, text messaging. I think getting in touch with