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2 12, 2017

My mobile phone

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How do you use your mobile phone?   Have you got a mobile phone? Yes, I have got a mobile phone. It’s my birthday present. It’s a smart phone Asus. How do you use it? I phone my family and friends. I take photos, surf the internet, play games, send and get text messages, listen to

22 05, 2017

Computer in my life

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Would you like to know about the role of computer in my life? I use a computer at home and school. I use a computer every day because it is very exciting. I use a computer at home for an hour or two. I watch cartoons and films and play games online. I like the website

23 04, 2017

My cool computer A1

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I use a computer in the classroom and at home. In my flat the computer is in the living room. There is a computer in our classroom and there are lots of computers in our school computer room. It would be great for every pupil to have a laptop. We have got a laptop at

22 04, 2017

My favourite gadget

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What is your favourite gadget? What do you use it for? My favourite gadget is my mobile phone. I use my mobile phone for listening to music, chatting with my friends and family, taking pictures, storing music in albums, downloading music and necessary information, searching the Internet, text messaging. I think getting in touch with

18 04, 2017

How do you use a computer?

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 Where do you use a computer? I use a computer at school, at home and at my granny’s. I have got a laptop at home. My granny has got a laptop too. There is a computer in our classroom. It is on our teacher’s desk. We watch different films and presentations especially at the lessons

13 04, 2017

Science and technology in Ukraine

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Ukraine has contributed many outstanding scientists to the world. In the 15-17th centuries they were the talented physician Yury Drohobich and linguists L. Zuzania and P. Berynda. The beginning of the 17th century was also marked by the creative activity of the prominent linguist M. Smotrytsky whose “Slavic Grammar” became the basis of grammars of

23 03, 2017

Isaac Newton

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Form 9  Make up a dialogue about a famous scientist 1: Hello. I need to prepare a report about Isaac Newton. May I ask you some questions about him? 2: OK. I’ll do it with pleasure. 1: Why is Isaac Newton so famous? 2: He was a great English mathematician, astronomer and physicist. 1: When