2 03, 2019

One Good Turn Deserves Another

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Easy Reading Learn proverbs One good turn deserves another. (Do good to me and I'll do good to you.) - Послуга за послугу. Рука руку миє. I'll do as much for you one day, old man. One good turn desrves another, and you've got the first chance. (F. Danby) There was a political ring in

17 01, 2019

The ABC of Happiness

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What is happiness? What should we do to be happy? Synonyms to the word 'happiness' are: delight, enjoyment, euphoria, joy, peace of mind, laughter, optimism, pleasure, prosperity, well-being Robert Vallet gives his recommendations to be happy. Aspire to reach your potential. Believe in yourself. Create a good life. Dream about what you might become. Exercise

16 12, 2018

My Profile

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Write your profile, will you? My name is Bogdan. I am from Ukraine and I am Ukrainian. My native town is Kaniv. I was born here, so I have been living in Kaniv for thirteen years. As for my appearance, I’m medium height and slim. I’ve got blue eyes. I’m a kind and confident person,

27 11, 2018

Laughing Is Good for You

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Develop your reading skills. Level B1 Reading Comprehension Laughing Is Good for You – Seriously It is a sad fact that adults laugh far less than children, sometimes even as much as a couple of times a day. Just take a look at people’s faces on the way to work or in the office: you’ll

6 06, 2018

The Color Black

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I'm Bogdan and my favourite color is black. Read the facts I've found and you will understand why I like this color. According to scientists and researchers, black is absence of color and white is a mixture of all colors. To the contrary, artists and painters believe that white is absence of color and black

21 05, 2018

Plastuny, Ukrainian Scouts

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Would you like to know about one of the youth organizations in Ukraine? I'll tell you with pleasure. PLAST is a Ukrainian youth organization based on the principles of the Boy and Girl Scout movement. It was founded in the city of Lviv in 1911 by two teachers Oleksandr Tysovsky and Ivan Chmola, and Petro

14 05, 2018

Do you love the color pink?

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If your favorite color is pink, you'll enjoy these facts! In any case, I hope it will be interesting for you to read what Ksenia has found about the color she loves. The name pink was given to this colour in the late 17th century. The color pink actually symbolizes joy and happiness. This colour

3 05, 2018

The Hippies

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A subculture is a group of people within a culture that differentiates itself from the parent culture to which it belongs, often maintaining some of its founding principles. Subcultures develop their own norms and values regarding cultural, political and sexual matters. Subcultures are part of society while keeping their specific characteristics intact. Examples of subcultures include hippies,

24 04, 2018

The Colour Turquoise

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Hello, my name is Maxim.  My favorite color is turquoise and I'd like to share with you some interesting facts about it. Turquoise is a color composed of blue and green. The name for the color turquoise comes from the gemstone of the same name. The name turquoise means “Turkish Stone” as it was originally imported to

22 04, 2018

Goths, Youth Subculture

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Goth subculture is a youth subculture that developed in the 1980s in Britain from the punk-rock movement. Like the punks, goths are seen by society as rebels. Goths have a very distinctive dark look and they often shock people because of their appearance. Goths define themselves by their dark look. The typical goth will only