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18 10, 2019

Youth Cultures

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What do you know about youth cultures? Hi, I'm Diana and I'd like to share some brief information about youth cultures with you. The term “culture” can be defined as language, dress, beliefs, manners and tastes in food or music of a particular group. The concept of youth culture appeared in America in the 1950s

3 10, 2019

Mother Theresa Outstanding Humanitarian

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Mother Theresa Read about Mother Theresa Outstanding Humanitarian Mother Teresa was a humanitarian. This means she did things to help out other people. Her entire life was fully devoted to helping the poor, the sick, the needy, and the helpless. Mother Theresa was a nun. She never wanted to be famous, but everyone in the

30 09, 2019

Teenage Groups

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Would you join any of these teenage groups? There are different teenage groups  which can form by hobbies and likes, entertainment (music, movies), favourite hang-outs, looks and clothes. Read the descriptions of different teenage groups High Flyers Looks and fancy clothes are very important for them, and they sometimes spend hours in the bathroom just

1 04, 2019

Government and Politics Vocabulary

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Learn Government and Politics Vocabulary Get ready to speak about political systems of different countries and discuss political life. Note: Policy – is a set of ideas or plans that is used as a basis for making decisions, especially in politics, economics or business. Politics – are the actions or activities which people use to

1 04, 2019

Political Animals

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Can you be called a political animal? What is your attitude to politics? How much do you know about current affairs? Who are political animals? Political animals are people who are interested in social and political issues, especially those who actively participate in politics. Do 'political animal' quiz to find answers to these questions. 1. How

25 03, 2019

Heavy Metal Subculture

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Learn about Heavy Metal Subculture What Is Heavy Metal? Heavy metal music is a genre of harsh-sounding rock music that places emphasis on excessive drum and guitar instrumentals, and raging vocals. Heavy metal, also referred to as black metal and death metal, emerged in the 1960s and 70s in the United Kingdom and the United States.

19 03, 2019

Politics Affects Our Life

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What are your political views? Politics affects our life, doesn't it? Four teenagers from different countries were asked about their political views. Read and match speakers A, B, C or D to the sentences about them. Which of the speakers A, B, C or D: seems to be best informed about the political situation in

2 03, 2019

One Good Turn Deserves Another

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Easy Reading Learn proverbs One good turn deserves another. (Do good to me and I'll do good to you.) - Послуга за послугу. Рука руку миє. I'll do as much for you one day, old man. One good turn desrves another, and you've got the first chance. (F. Danby) There was a political ring in

21 01, 2019

Smoking in Public Places

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Smoking should not be allowed in public places. Are you for or against? In some countries people are no longer allowed to smoke in many public places and office buildings. Do you think it is a good or a bad rule? Medical studies have shown that smoking not only leads to health problems for the smoker,

17 01, 2019

The ABC of Happiness

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What is happiness? What should we do to be happy? Synonyms to the word 'happiness' are: delight, enjoyment, euphoria, joy, peace of mind, laughter, optimism, pleasure, prosperity, well-being Robert Vallet gives his recommendations to be happy. Aspire to reach your potential. Believe in yourself. Create a good life. Dream about what you might become. Exercise