30 03, 2020

My Cat

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Speaking Elementary school Have you got a pet? My Cat I'm Liliya and I've got a pet, it is a cat. My cat Luna is not big. We bought her in Cherkasy  two years ago. She was delivered by bus in a small box. I gave the name to my pet. It was very small

9 10, 2018

My Pet

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I love animals very much. I have an unusual pet at home. It is a giant African snail. His name is Christopher and he is five years old. My mother was presented with it at work. He is as large as a fist. The native home of the giant African land snails is East Africa. They

9 10, 2018

My Pet

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Veronika's has prepared a presentation about her pet. It is a red-eared turtle. Have you heard about such? 

20 09, 2018

My Hamster Senya

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Would you like to know about Karina's pet? She has prepared a wonderful project. Don't forget to leave your comment.

7 05, 2018

German Shepherd

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Do you love dogs? How many breeds can you name? What is your favourite breed? Bogdan has found some interesting facts about German Shepherds. Read to know about these wonderful dogs and don't forget to leave your comment.

28 02, 2018

Alaskan Malamute

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Do you love dogs? How many dog breeds do you know? Have you heard about Alaskan Malamutes?  

21 01, 2018

Interesting Facts about Saint Bernard Dogs

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Saint Bernard Dogs Read some interesting facts about Saint Bernard Dogs Liza loves animals. She's got three pets at home. She has read a story in her "Read Me" book and got interested in St. Bernard dogs, the cultural symbol of Switzerland.   She has made a presentation about these wonderful dogs. Thank you, Liza, you did a

29 05, 2017

Cats, my favourite animals

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My name is Liza and I'd like to tell you about my favourite animals.

22 05, 2017

Beginner: My Rabbit

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Have you got a pet? I have got a pet. It’s a rabbit. Its name is Sonia. It’s small. It’s young. It’s white and grey. It’s got four legs, two long ears, two eyes, a small nose and a small tail. Sonis likes eating carrots and cabbage. Sonia is funny and kind. I love my

21 04, 2017

My Pet Level A1

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Have you got a pet? Tell about your pet, will you? I've got a pet. It's a guinea pig. Her name is Larisa. She isn't big. She's white, brown and black. She's got small black eyes and quite big ears. Her nose is small and pink. She's got four short legs. She hasn't got a