22 03, 2019

World Water Day 22 March

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World Water Day 22 March, draws attention to the essential role of water in our lives, the difficulties people face in getting it and solutions to these problems. Before reading Vocabulary List underprivileged - малозабезпечені sanitation - санітарія hygiene - гігієна to displace - витісняти scarce - дефіцитний scarcity - дефіцит, нестача vulnerable - вразливий

21 03, 2019

Interesting Facts About Water

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Here you will find interesting facts about water. Water is vital. We need water to stay alive. There is the same amount of water on Earth as there was when the Earth was formed. The water from your faucet could contain molecules that dinosaurs drank. Water is composed of two elements, Hydrogen and Oxygen. 2

13 01, 2019

Ukrainian Ecological Movement Zelenyi Svit (Green World )

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Zelenyi Svit The ecological movement Zelenyi Svit (Green World ) started in Ukraine in 1988, following the environmental  disaster caused by the Chornobyl nuclear reactor in 1986. Today, Zelenyi Svit campaings on wide variety of environmental issues and is part of the international network called Friends of the Earth – the largest group of non-governmental

11 12, 2018

Protect the Environment

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All of us have a duty to protect the environment. Our planet Earth is only a tiny part of the universe, and it is so far the only place where human beings can live. We always polluted our surroundings. But until now pollution was not such a huge problem. People lived in the countryside and couldn’t produce such amount

6 12, 2018


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Learn about Greenpeace Greenpeace is a non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over 40 countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Greenpeace is known for its direct actions and has been described as the most visible environmental organization in the world. Greenpeace has raised environmental issues to public knowledge, and influenced both the

20 11, 2018

A Short Report about the Protection of Nature

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Writing You are going to take part in the international conference. Write a report about the protection of nature in your country where you will: express the organizing committee your gratitude for the invitation inform about the problems of air, land and water pollution in Ukraine inform about the measures to ensure pure air, oceans

22 04, 2017

Think Green

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22 April is Earth Day. Taking care of the Earth is everybody's business. What green activities would you like to take part in? I’d like to take part in such green activities as the collection of waste paper and I’d like to listen to the report about wild flowers. I think it’s important to collect

17 04, 2017

Keep Our Environment Clean

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What's  Happening? People all over the world are worried about what's happening to the environment.   Air Pollution Until about 150 years ago, the air was pure and clean - perfect for people and animals of the earth to breathe. Then people started building factories. Those factories and many of the things they make, like

17 04, 2017

Earth Day

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April 22 is a special day around the world. On that day inhabitants of Earth celebrate Earth Day. Earth Day is a time when many people show that they care for our fragile planet. They show   concern about the threats the planet faces - destruction of the rain forest, holes in the ozone layer, the

17 04, 2017

Earth Hour

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Earth Hour is an annual event which asks people to switch off all lights and use no electricity for an hour. The aim is to get people thinking about the planet they live on and the energy they use. Earth Hour is an annual global campaign that encourages people and businesses around the world to