Where We Live

24 01, 2019

My Dream House

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Write about your dream house. If money was not a poblem, what kind of house would you like to have? Write about: type and size of house location outside (garden / garage) inside (rooms / furniture and furnishing / style other (neighbours / attractions in the neighbourhood) If money wasn’t a problem I’d like to

14 09, 2018

Kaniv in a Decade

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I am a Kanivite and I am proud of it. I am 23 years old. I have lived here from my birth. In 2018 I was 13 and had a dream to live in a modern city. And now my dream came true so welcome to Kaniv where so many things have changed. The streets

6 09, 2018

Kaniv in Some Decades

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I can’t imagine myself living anywhere other than Kaniv. My town is not just the place I live in, but essential part of my identity. I am proud to be a Kanivite. I am sure my town will be a prosperous one in some decades. The roads will be of a very good quality and

1 06, 2018

Kaniv, the Place I Live in

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Write about the place you live in. Level A2 Give some information about: its location on the map of Ukraine; its nature and attractive places; why you are proud of living here; what you would like to change to make it look better. Kaniv is an amazing town. It is in the centre of Ukraine.

29 03, 2018

Problems of Сity and Сountry Life

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Read and speak about the advantages and disadvantages of city life and country life Where would you prefer to live in the city or in the country? If I could choose where to live I would have the best of both places as each of them has its own advantages to say nothing of disadvantages.

28 02, 2018

In a City: City Transport, in the Streets

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In a City Learn the new vocabulary to describe a city, travel around the city by different means of city transport   On the street bus station car park arch gate (gates) playground road road sign railway station flower bed crossroads, at the crossroads side street / lane cross the street / road pedestrian crossing

26 02, 2018

The Cities. Asking the Way

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Learn to speak about the cities ask the way give directions   1.   Ann: Tell me about the cities, John. John: Well… Chicago is a great city. It’s got lots of wonderful buildings and places. It’s more modern than London but not as exciting. London has got a lot more museums and theatres. A:

26 02, 2018

Asking the way in a city

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Learn the necessary vocabulary and you won't get lost in a city.   city - город / большой город / всякий более или менее значительный город с местным самоуправлением town - город / городок / административный или районный центр / центр деловой или торговой жизни города Kyiv is the biggest city in Ukraine. - Киев – самый большой город в Украине.

23 01, 2018

Electrical Appliances at Home

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Speak About Electrical Appliences at Home There are some things which make our everyday home life easier. They are called the electrical household goods or the electrical appliances. What electrical appliances have you got in your home and how do you use them? Student's Project Electrical appliances at home are very important things in our life.

14 11, 2017

My Ideal Home

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Write about your ideal home. Use the questions as a plan: What sort of house is it? Where is it? What rooms has it got? Has it got a balcony or a garden? Can you see anything special from the house? What's your favourite room? What furniture has it got? Why do you like it?