18 12, 2018

St. Nicholas’ Day in Ukraine

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December 19, St. Nicholas' Day in Ukraine One of the most popular and beloved winter holidays in Ukraine is St. Nicholas' Day. The Ukrainian version of Santa Claus St. Nicholas brings something more than just presents for kids - the day marks the beginning of the winter holiday season in Ukraine. St. Nicholas' Day is

5 12, 2017

The Baker’s Dozen A Saint Nicholas Tale

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Do you know what's the baker's dozen? Enjoy reading this Saint Nicholas tale. In the Dutch colonial town later known as Albany, New York, there lived a baker, Van Amsterdam, who was as honest as he could be. Each morning, he checked and balanced his scales, and he took great care to give his customers

5 12, 2017

The Legend of St. Nicholas and the Gold

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The Legend of St. Nicholas and the Gold Retold by Dave Lindstedt Once upon a time, in a northern Mediterranean town, there lived a husband and wife who became successful merchants. Their shop in the town square bustled with activity. But even though their business was quite profitable, they were heartbroken because they were unable

3 12, 2017

Saint Nicholas

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What do you know about St. Nicholas? St. Nicholas was a real person who was born to a wealthy family in Lycia, Asia Minor (now known as Turkey) sometime between 270 and 280 AD. He was orphaned at an early age and grew up in a monastery becoming one of the youngest priests ever at

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