7 01, 2018

Christmas in Great Britain

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Have practice to speak about one of the greatest holidays in Great Britain. Christmas in Great Britain People in Great Britain celebrate Christmas on the twenty-fifth of December. It is a very happy holiday. Before Christmas the English people are busy. They send greeting cards to their relatives and friends. They buy presents and a

4 01, 2018

Silent Night

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Learn "Silent Night" to sing at Christmas. Silent night, Holy night! All is calm, all is bright Round yon Virgin mother and child. Holy infant so tender and mild, Sleep in heavenly peace.   Silent night, Holy night! Shepherds quake at the sight. Glories stream from heaven afar Heavenly hosts sing alleluia. Christ, the Savior

14 12, 2017

Christmas Robin

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 Read to know about Christmas Robin. An English robin, the little red-breasted bird is so closely associated with Christmas that it's often called the Christmas robin. This colorful creature is a traditional Christmas symbol in the United Kingdom, often depicted on  festive greetings cards and Christmas gift wrapping. The British also use robin decorations to

11 12, 2017

History and Legend of Poinsettia

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Poinsettia, Christmas Flower Get to know the history and legend of poinsettia. The plant we know today as the poinsettia has long and interesting history. Native to Central America, the plant flourished in an area of Southern Mexico known as Taxco del Alarcon. The Aztecs used the plant in decorative purposes but also put the

10 12, 2017

Christmas Rose

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 What flower is called the Christmas Rose? Christmas rose is a dark-leaved evergreen plant which white and purplish flowers blossom during winter months. This well-known plant is sometimes called the Snow or Winter Rose and it is a true Christmas flower. It is used as a decoration at Christmas time. Legend links it with the

10 12, 2017

Santa Claus

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What do you know about Santa Claus? Santa Claus is one of the most popular gift bringers. His name is an Americanism. In Europe he was known for centuries as St. Nicholas. Two aspects of St. Nicholas's life led to his becoming Santa Claus: his generosity was legend, and he was particularly fond of children.

8 12, 2017

Kiss under the Mistletoe

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Why do people kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas? Mistletoe is an aerial parasite that has no roots of its own and lives off the tree that it attaches itself to. Without that tree it would die. Mistletoe was a special plant for the Druids, the learned class of the Celts, who lived in Britain

8 12, 2017

Christmas Plants Holly and Ivy

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Holly and Ivy as Christmas Decorations Read about Christmas plants holly and ivy to get to know some interesting facts. Holly is an evergreen tree or bush with prickly dark green shiny leaves and red berries. It is one of the most popular evergreens. Holly has been used to decorate for winter holidays for thousands of

7 12, 2017

The Gift of the Magi

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Enjoy listening and reading a story, written by O.Henry "The Gift of the Magi" This is a short story, written by O.Henry (a pen name for William Sydney Porter), about a young married couple and how they deal with the challenge of buying secret Christmas gifts for each other with very little money. It is a sentimental story with a moral lesson about

4 12, 2017

Legend of Christmas Spider

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Do you know the legend of Christmas spider? Do you decorate your Christmas tree with spiders? Have you heard about this tradition? In Poland, spiders or spider webs are common Christmas trees decorations because according to the legend, a spider wove a blanket for Baby Jesus. In fact, Polish people consider spiders to be symbols