21 12, 2018

The Elves and the Shoemaker

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Enjoy reading the Christmas tale "The Elves and the Shoemaker" after the Brothers Grimm. Once upon a time, a poor shoemaker had no money to buy food for himself and his wife. All he had was enough leather to make one pair of shoes. He cut out shoes and left the leather on his workbench,

21 12, 2018

Before Christmas

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Read a good Christmas story. Reading Comprehension Level A1+ Year 5 Easy Reading Before Christmas                                                    “Enjoy Your Vegetables!” Mrs. Brown had a small garden behind her house, and in spring she planted some vegetables in it. She looked after them very carefully, and when the summer came, they looked very nice. One evening Mrs.

19 12, 2018

A Letter to Santa Claus

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Read about Santa and learn how to write a letter to him. Read the text about Santa Claus, who is already on his way to deliver gifts, and fill in the gaps with the words: sleep, thank, man, letter, presents, stockings, reindeer, 24th of December, chimney, Christmas tree, girls, Santa Claus Do you know who

18 12, 2018

The Ghost of a Smile

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Read this Christmas story, will you? Reading Comprehension   Level A2 Make sure you know the meaning of these words: mean – скупий come down – заходити (за) make out – побачити, розрізнити disgrace – зганьбити, збезчестити haunt – з’являтися (про примару) stare – широко відкрити очі (від жаху) complaint – скарга hand something over to

18 12, 2018

Christmas Ornaments

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Decorating with Christmas Ornaments Read the text. Four sentences were moved from it. Choose from the sentences A - D the one which fits each gap (1-4). A. The invention of plastic in the mid 1900's created new Christmas tree decorations. B. They are ornamental by nature and lend beauty or attractiveness to the Christmas

11 12, 2018

Christmas and New Year Rhymes and Poems

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Let's learn Christmas and New Year Rhymes and Poems Christmas ... A beautiful time of the year - With carols and tinsel And lots of good cheer With sharing and caring And hearts drawing near. Christmas ... A beautiful time of the year! December It's hard to think of anything But Christmas in December. There's so

18 01, 2018

Epiphany, the Last Christmas Holiday

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January 19th - Baptism of our Lord (Epiphany) The Feast of Epiphany, which is observed on January 19 according to the Julian Calendar (January 6 according to the Gregorian Calendar), completes the cycle of Christmas holidays. The feast commemorates the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River during which Christ declared Himself as the

16 01, 2018

Silent Night, Holy Night!

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Veronika loves Christmas and knows about Christmas traditions in English-speaking countries. One of the most popular Christmas carols is "Silent Night". You are welcome to listen to the Ukrainian version of this beautiful Christmas song.

8 01, 2018

Christmas in Ukraine

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Ukraine celebrates Christmas on January 6 and 7, according to the Julian calendar. While the women of the household are busy preparing the multicourse meal (sometimes as many as 12 to 13 courses, representing the apostles and Christ) that varies from family to family and region to region, the children are assigned the task of

7 01, 2018

Some Interesting Facts about Christmas

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How about learning some interesting facts about Christmas? Here is a Christmas quiz. If you don't know the answer to these questions about Christmas traditions in English-speaking countries, the texts below will help you. What do the English and American people call 25th December? What do the English and American people call 24th December? When is