4 10, 2019

Famous Educator Jaime Escalante

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Reading Comprehension Level A2/B1 Do you know? Jaime Alfonso Escalante Gutiérrez was a celebrated Bolivian teacher and one of the most famous educators in America during 1980s and 1990s. He began teaching mathematics to troubled students in a Los Angeles school and became famous for leading many of them to pass the advanced placement calculus

28 02, 2019

‘Luck’ by Mark Twain, Adapted Part

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Read an adapted part of the story "Luck" written by Mark Twain Level A2 ''Luck'' is a short story written by Mark Twain in 1886 and published in Harper's Magazine in 1891. As you might guess, it's all about luck. 'Luck' by Mark Twain, adapted part About forty years ago, I was an instructor in the military academy

21 02, 2019

What Makes a Good Teacher?

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There’s no doubt about it: teaching is hard work. What makes a good teacher? Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire. — William Butler Yeats One of the first characteristics of a good teacher is a keen interest in his / her subject and a passion for continuous

19 02, 2019

What Makes a Good Student?

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Do you know what makes a good student? Teaching is a difficult job. The teacher's reward is knowing that you have the opportunity to have an impact on a student’s life. However, not every student is created equal. Most teachers will tell you that they don’t have favorites, but the truth is that there are

5 02, 2019

School Report for Myself

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Writing Your school and an English school are going to have a student exchange scheme. The English school would like you to write a school report for yourself so that they can find out all about you. Your report should include the following points: Give personal details (name, age, form / class, etc.). Descibe your

3 02, 2019


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Eton, the Most Famous Public School in the World Eton College, or just Eton, is a British independent school for boys founded by King Henry VI in 1440 as a charity school to provide free education to 70 poor boys who would then go on to King's College, Cambridge, founded by the same King in 1441. The original

30 01, 2019

Education in Ukraine

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Speak about the system of education in Ukraine, will you? Present day independent Ukraine has a well-developed system of education which matches the standards of the developed countries. Pre-school education is not compulsory and is fee-paying. Most parents take their children to nursery schools or kindergartens at the age of three. Up to the age

17 01, 2019

Stationery Vocabulary

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Stationery is essential for a school and for an office. This presentation will help you learn the necessary vocabulary.

8 01, 2019

Should Boys and Girls Attend Separate or Coed Schools?

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Do you think that boys and girls should attend separate schools? What are advantages and disadvantages? Education is an important part of children's lives whether they are boys or girls. Governments should guarantee that both genders get the same level of education without any discrimination between boys and girls. Nowadays there are different kinds of

19 12, 2018

Look Before You Leap

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“Look before you leap” is a popular saying. Is it important to think before you act in every situation? Say no less than 20 sentences. I know the meaning of a popular English saying “Look before you leap”. It means that we should think of the consequences before we act Every sensible man thinks of