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20 05, 2020

Fly High 3 A Week in London

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Holiday in London Fly High 3 A Week in London Sally’s Story will help you discover the capital of Great Britain, learn Past Simple of regular and irregular verbs and revise the days of the week and the ordinal numerals. Vocabulary Fly High 3 A Week in London Here you may revise the Past Simple Tense, the days

15 05, 2020

Yevhen Paton

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Prominent Ukrainian Scientist Yevhen Paton Yevhen Paton, a prominent Ukrainian scientist in the field of building bridges and welding, was born in a French town if Nice (ni:s) in 1870. He graduated from Polytechnical Institute in Dresden, and later - from the Institute of Engineers of Means of Communication in St. Petersburg. From 1904 till

6 05, 2020

England Interesting Facts

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Discover England Read England Interesting Facts There are four countries in the UK - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England is the biggest part and the most populous part of the United Kingdom. England is on the island of Great Britain and shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the

4 05, 2020

Ukrainian Cuisine

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Speak about Ukrainian Cuisine Ukrainian specialties Cuisine is the first thing people notice, when visiting a country. Ukrainian cuisine is closely linked to the customs, culture, and way of life of the Ukrainian people. It is famous for its diversity and flavours. The peculiar features of traditional Ukrainian food have been forming over centuries. Ukraine

2 05, 2020

British Population

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British Population is Multicultural The UK is a multinational and multicultural society with a rich and varied culture. Read and speak about British population The UK population is ethnically diverse and changing rapidly, especially in large cities such as London. It is not always easy to get an exact picture of the ethnic origin of

23 04, 2020

Geographical Position of Great Britain

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Welcome to Geography Read about the Geographical Position of Great Britain The United Kingdom is very small comparing with the biggest countries of the world such as Russia, Canada, China or the USA. Its total area is about 244,000 square kilometers. There are more than 67 million people in the UK now, and London is

23 04, 2020

Population of Great Britain

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People Who Inhabit the United Kingdom Read about the population of Great Britain and try to remember the names of nationalities who live in different parts of the country. The United Kingdom is a multinational country today but its people make up a unity. They call themselves British. Everyone who is born in Britain is

22 04, 2020

Ireland Interesting Facts

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Let's Discover Ireland Together Read Ireland Interesting Facts  Ireland is an island nation. Ireland is situated in the north-west of Europe. To the west there’s the Atlantic Ocean and to the east is the Irish Sea. Its climate is warm and wet. The colours of the flag of Ireland, from left to right, are green, white

15 04, 2020

Great Britain Geography Briefly

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Discover and Learn Let's speak about Great Britain Geography Briefly Check whether you know these geography words: Great Britain - Велика Британія the North Sea - Північне море the Irish Sea - Ірландське море the English Channel -Ла Манш Ireland - Ірландія Northern Ireland - Північна Ірландія the Republic of Ireland - Ірландська Республіка England - Англія Scotland - Шотландія Wales - Уельс the Atlantic

5 04, 2020

Visit Oxford

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Speaking You are attending a language school in England and your teacher is planning a class trip. Your teacher wants to go to the National Gallery in London. Persuade her to visit Oxford. How about going to Oxford? I am attending a language school in England and our teacher is planning a class trip. Our teacher wants