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///Grammar Exercises
10 04, 2019

Revise Types of Questions

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Questions, Answers, Negatives Revise types of questions and have practice doing the exercises. There are four main types of questions in English: general or Yes / No-questions; alternative  or Or-questions; special or Wh-questions (a – to all memebers of the sentence except subject, b – questions to the subject or Who-questions); disjunctive or Tag-questions. There

15 03, 2019

Future Simple Tense Elementary Level

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Future Simple Tense Have practice using Future Simple Tense Elementary Level Exercise 1. Write general questions (Yes / No questions) to the sentences. Example: Jane will come in the evening. – Will Jane come in the evening? I will translate the article tomorrow. ______________________________________________________________________________ My uncle will arrive in two days. ______________________________________________________________________________ On Sunday we

14 03, 2019

How to Be Successful in Life

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Do you want to climb the ladder of success? Fill in the prepositions where necessary to get some pieces of advice how to be successful in life. 1. I’d like to recommend some interesting advice ____you. - to of 2. You should pay more attention ____ the school subjects which appeal ____ your interests. for,

19 05, 2016

Articles. Grammar Exercises

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Let's have practice in using articles. Exercise 1. Supply a/an, the or "-". 1. I'm really tired and I'm going to ... bed. 2. Your shoes are under ... bed. 3. Tim's been in ... bed for hours. 4. We've bought ... lovely new bed. 5. We took some photos outside ... church. 6. We