22 06, 2020

Princess Angelica

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Hi, I am Karina. I'm in Year 2. I want to tell you about a beautiful princess. Her name is Angelica. She lives in a very big castle. There are many rooms in Angelica's castle: living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Her favourite room is on top of her big castle. Her room has a big window so

3 06, 2020

Seasons and Months

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Let's learn to tell about seasons and months of the year. Year 2 Elementary school Hi, I'm Karina and I love all seasons and months of the year because all of them are beautiful. Let's speak about the seasons with me! Winter, spring, summer and autumn are four seasons. Summer is a hot season. We

4 05, 2020

My Pet

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My Pet  Do you have a pet? If you don't have one, tell about a pet you would like to have. I'm Karina and I love animals very much but I don't have a pet. I want to have a cat because cats are so beautiful and fluffy. I'd like to have a pussy cat.

8 04, 2020

My Doll

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What is your favourite toy? Elementary school Year 2 Describe your favourite toy. My name is Karina and I like toys: dolls, balls, a teddy bear.  I have a doll. My doll's name is LOL. My doll has got a nice face. She has very big green eyes, short red hair, small ears, a small nose and pink

30 03, 2020

My Monster

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Will you please draw and describe your monster? Elementary school Year 2 Hi, I'm Karina and this is my monster. His name is Chucha. He's from planet Mars. He is green. He's got brown spots on his body. He has got three big blue eyes and a small round nose. Chucha has got two big

25 09, 2019

Kyiv Ukraine Biggest City

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Speak about Kyiv  Elementary School  Level A1 Hi, my name's Vania and I live on the outskirts of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Kyiv is a very big city. Kyiv is situated on both banks of the Dnipro River. There are seven bridges over it. There are lots of places to see in Kyiv. Independence

29 07, 2019

Traffic Light Diet

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What food to eat to stay healthy We can do many wonderful things - climb the mountains, sing songs and ride bikes. Different kinds of food help our body to keep fit and to be strong and healthy. That's why the food we eat must contain all the the things we need, but not too

24 06, 2019

My Dog Jessie

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Can you write a letter to your friend in English? Write about your pet. Hello Uliana! I want to tell you about my pet, my dog Jessie. She is two years old. She is a funny Yorkshire terrier. She is not very big with silver fur. The hair on her legs is golden. Her eyes

6 01, 2019

New Year’s Day and Winter Holidays

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Year 2 Let's learn to speak about New Year's Day and winter holidays. Vocabulary fir-tree - ялина pine-tree - сосна We decorate fir-trees and pine-trees for Christmas and New Year. lights - вогні There are many little lights on the Christmas Tree. poem - вірш We learn poems. recite a poem - декламувати вірш Children recite poems

10 10, 2018

There is / There are

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For the students of Elementary School Let's learn to use 'There is / There are'. Зворот there is / there are повідомляє про наявність у визначеному місці особи чи предмета, ще не відомих співрозмовнику. Зворот there is / there are має значення "є", "знаходиться". Стверджувальні речення There is milk in the cup. There is an

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