23 10, 2019

Halloween Holiday of Fun

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Read about Halloween Holiday of Fun Level A1 Elementary In autumn British and American children like to celebrate a very nice holiday – Halloween holiday of fun. It is on the thirty-first of October. People put pumpkins on the window-sills or at the doors. They cut eyes, a nose and a mouth on the pumpkin

26 09, 2019

To Be Present Simple

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Grammar Time Let's learn the forms of the the verb to be in Present Simple Tense To Be Present Simple Affirmative sentence (Розповідне речення) I am / I'm You are / You're He is / He's She is / She's It is / It's We are / We're You are / You're They are /

5 06, 2019

Shapes Word List

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Let's learn shapes! Shapes Word List circle - коло semicircle - півколо ellipse - еліпс oval - овал heart - серце crescent - півмісяць; рогалик triangle - трикутник square / quadrate - квадрат rectangle - прямокутник rhombus - ромб diamond - ромб; діамант parallelogram - паралелограм trapezoid - трапеція trapezium - трапеція pentagon - п'ятикутник

12 12, 2018

Beginners: Speak About Yourself

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Year 1. Speak about yourself My name is … My family name is … I am … (5, 6). I have blue eyes, blonde hair, small ears, a small nose and a small mouth. I live in Kaniv. My family is not big. I have mother, father, a grandmother and a grandfather. I have no

14 11, 2018

Whose Is This? Year 1 Possessive Case

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Let's learn how to say whose these things are. Read Whose is this? – This is Tico’s T-shirt. Whose is this? – This is Mr. Maccaroni’s car. Whose is this? – This is Mrs. Green’s bag. Whose is this? – This is Mr. Wood’s bike. Whose is this? – This is Miss Bell’s hat. Whose

23 10, 2018

What Do You Have? Year 1 – 3

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Dear kids, let's learn to speak about things you have. If you want to say what toys you have, start your sentences with I have ... . Use I have describing your appearance as well as the rooms you have in your flat or house. Learn short words on, in, under, between to tell where

23 10, 2018

This is / These are Year 1 – 3

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Learn to use This is a ... / These are ... . Let's learn to name things around us. If you want to name one thing, begin your sentence with This is a ... . If you would like to speak about two or more things, use These are ... Speaking about a boy, add

26 09, 2018


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Our world is so colorful. Let's learn the colors! colour / color - колір red - червоний black - чорний white - білий yellow - жовтий grey / gray - сірий green - зелений blue -  голубий, синій dark blue / indigo - синій pink - рожевий orange - оранжевий purple - фіолетовий, пурпурний violet - фіолетовий, фіалковий brown - коричневий beige - бежевий silver - сріблястий golden - золотий turquoise

19 08, 2017

My Working Day Year 1

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Learn to speak about your daily routine. My Working Day Year 1 will help you learn new words to tell what you usually do every day. My Working Day Year 1 Learn new words to speak about your working day. get up - вставати (з ліжка) go to school - йти до школи go home - йти додому go

16 08, 2017

Year 1 Learn the words

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We go on learning the words. This presentation will help you to have more practice. Pay attention to some rules of reading.  

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