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31 03, 2020

Fly High 3 Lesson 18 The Best Zoo

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Let's learn to use superlatives! Fly High 3 Lesson 18 The Best Zoo in the World Check whether you know these words: world - світ Our world is beautiful. - Наш світ красивий. all over the world - в усьому світі Children all over the world love games. - Діти в усьому світі люблять ігри. the best - найкращий This

30 03, 2020

My Room

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Can you describe your room? Let's have practice in speaking. Elementary school Year 4 Describe your room Hi, I'm Vlad and today I'd like to describe my room. It is on the second floor of our detached house. The room is not big but very comfortable. There are three windows in my room so it's light and

30 03, 2020

My Monster

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Will you please draw and describe your monster? Elementary school Year 2 Hi, I'm Karina and this is my monster. His name is Chucha. He's from planet Mars. He is green. He's got brown spots on his body. He has got three big blue eyes and a small round nose. Chucha has got two big

20 03, 2020

My Mummy

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Tell about your mother, will you? Elementary school Let's have practice in speaking. Describe your mother's appearance, tell about her hobbies, likes and dislikes, her age, and her job. My name is Liliya and I want to tell about my mummy. She is thirty-five. She is a very pretty young woman. She isn't tall and slim. She's

14 03, 2020

Fly High 3 Food in Britain

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Let's learn about British food! Elementary school Fly High 3 Food in Britain  Vocabulary List cereal - каша, страва з крупів, пластівці In Britain people have cereal and fruit in the morning. - В Британії люди їдять кашу і фрукти вранці. tea - чай People in Britain drink lots of tea. - Люди в Британії п’ють багато чаю. across

26 02, 2020

Speak About Your Friend

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My Friend Elementary School Level A1 Let's learn how to speak about your friend. Answer these questions to describe your friend What’s your friend’s name? What does he/ she look like? What’s his/ her hair like? What colour are his / her eyes? Has he / she got a big or a small family? Has he

26 02, 2020

My Best Friend Ilona

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Can you describe your best friend? Speaking Sample My Best Friend Ilona Ilona is my best friend. She is nine. She is pretty. She has got long wavy fair hair. Her face is oval. She’s got beautiful brown eyes and long thick eyelashes. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are light. Her lips are thin. Ilona’s got a

16 01, 2020

Some or Any

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Grammar Time: Some or Any Elementary School Year 4 If you aren't sure what to use some or any, let's learn it together. And what is more you'll have a great chance to enrich your vocabulary on the topic "Food" and revise the construction There is / There are. Remember! We use There is some

15 12, 2019

Reading Test 1 Year 4

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Elementary School Year 4 Do Reading Test 1 Year 4 to improve your reading skills. Read the text It Doesn’t Matter Bessie is a little girl. She is five. She does not go to school. She doesn’t know how to read and to write. But her sister Mary is a schoolgirl. She is ten. One

12 12, 2019

Christmas in Great Britain Elementary School

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Let's learn to speak about Christmas traditions in Great Britain First of all, let's learn the words celebrate - святкувати Christmas - Різдво Merry Christmas! - Веселого Різдва! Happy New Year!  - З Новим роком! send greeting cards - посилати вітальні листівки relative - родич decorate - прикрашати Christmas tree - ялинка hang - вішати Christmas stocking - Різдвяна панчоха Santa Claus - Санта Клаус bring - приносити present