26 09, 2018

My Classroom

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Will you please describe your classroom? Our classroom is not the biggest in the school but spacious one. It is on the second floor. There are three big windows in our classroom so it is light. The walls are light green. There are some posters on the walls. The furniture in our classroom is light brown.

11 08, 2018

My Summer Rest

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Will you tell about your summer rest, please? All people like summer. Summer is a happy time for children and adults. I'd like to share my impressions of our family rest at the seaside. We prefer to spend our summer vacation at the sea. We went to Odessa by car and our trip was fast

14 05, 2018

Lily-of-the-valley, May Flower

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April showers bring May flowers. Tell about some spring flowers. I'd like to say a few words about wonderful forest flowers lilies-of-the-valley. I know some interesting facts about them. Lily-of-the-valley can live for decades in cool climates, but doesn't survive for long in hot weather. Lily-of-the-valley can reach 4 to 8 inches in height. Under

13 02, 2018

Food I Eat

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What food do you eat? Tell us about your eating habits. I eat different kinds of food. I like to eat tasty things. I like sweet, spicy and salty food. I know that a healthy diet must contain vitamins and minerals. Bread, sugar, meat, butter, cheese and rice make us strong and give us energy.

13 02, 2018


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Read the text about Scotland and do the tasks. Level A1+ One of the most fascinating places in the world is Scotland. The first people arrived in this beautiful part of the British Isles 8,000 years ago. The Highlands are one of the most popular places to visit in Scotland. They’re home to Britain’s highest

31 01, 2018

My Eating Habits

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What do you like and don't like eating eating Can you tell about some of your eating habits, please? Briefly about my eating habits. I am not a vegetarian. I eat meat and fish. And I eat lots of vegetables, especially  potatoes. I usually eat two or three apples every day. I don’t like cheese

21 01, 2018

Interesting Facts about Saint Bernard Dogs

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Saint Bernard Dogs Read some interesting facts about Saint Bernard Dogs Liza loves animals. She's got three pets at home. She has read a story in her "Read Me" book and got interested in St. Bernard dogs, the cultural symbol of Switzerland.   She has made a presentation about these wonderful dogs. Thank you, Liza, you did a

2 12, 2017

The Legend of King Arthur

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 What's your favourite story? Hi, I'm Liza. I like reading legends. One of my favourite stories is a fascinating story about King Arthur, an English king. He lived a very long time ago, and he had a magnificent castle. Its name was Camelot. King Arthur was famous for The Knights of the Round Table. When

23 11, 2017

Rules for English lessons

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You learn English and I know that it is one of your favourite subjects. Can you make rules for English lessons? If children follow your rules, they will see that learning English is fun. Rules For English Lessons: - speak English only - always do your homework - consult your teacher - read books by

14 11, 2017

School Rules

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Write what you must and mustn't do at school. I would like to tell you about school rules. We must: come to class in time do homework every day be attentive at the lessons listen to the teacher be active at the lesson respect teachers go to a school library get on well with our

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