20 03, 2020

My Mummy

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Tell about your mother, will you? Elementary school Let's have practice in speaking. Describe your mother's appearance, tell about her hobbies, likes and dislikes, her age, and her job. My name is Liliya and I want to tell about my mummy. She is thirty-five. She is a very pretty young woman. She isn't tall and slim. She's

11 03, 2020

Big Cats Jaguars

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What are your favourite animals? Big Cats Jaguars Hi! I'm Liliya and my favourite animals are big cats jaguars. I'll tell you some fun facts about them. Jaguars are the largest of South America’s big cats. They are the third largest cats in the world after the tiger and the lion. Jaguars live only in Americas. They prefer rainforests. Most

4 03, 2020

My Friend Ania

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Can you tell about your friend? My Best Friend I have many friends. Ania is my best friend. She is nine. I think she is pretty. She has got shoulder legth straight dark hair. Her face is oval. She’s got beautiful large green eyes and short thick eyelashes. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are dark. Her lips are full. Ania’s got