25 11, 2018

Eisteddfod, a Welsh Festival of Literature and Music

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Have you heard about Eisteddfod? Would you like to get to know? Watch Karina's presentation. Do you know ... The Eisteddfod is a Welsh festival of literature and music. The idea of the festival goes back at least to the 12th century. Lord Rhys first held a bardic tournament – a competitive festival of music and poetry

20 09, 2018

My Hamster Senya

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Would you like to know about Karina's pet? She has prepared a wonderful project. Don't forget to leave your comment.

17 04, 2018

Easter in Switzerland

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Would you like to know more about European Easter traditions?

16 04, 2018

My Friend

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                 Tell about your friend Taya is my friend. She is 11. She looks like her dad. She is pretty. She has long, straight blond hair. Her face is oval. Her eyes are brown. Taya has got a cousin, but she hasn’t got brothers and sisters. My friend is very kind and helpful. She is

28 03, 2018

My Ideal School

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Write about your ideal school   My ideal school is near the ocean beach. The children can go boating  with their friends and they also can play with dolphins. The school is big and modern. There are big windows. There is a big football field and a big playground. And there is a modern gym

12 02, 2018

Morpho Peleides, Beautiful Butterflies

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Interesting facts Morpho Peleides are beautiful butterflies. They have got bright wings with a wide black border along the edges of the wings. Morpho peleides is easily recognized by the iridescent blue wings. This species of butterflies live in Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela. The butterfly is named after Ahilles Peleide, the full name of the

12 02, 2018

Galapagos penguins

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Penguins are at home in the cold waters of the Antarctic, in the land of ice and snow. You would never expect to see a penguin species living on a tropical island. One species does that on the Galapagos islands in Ecuador. While it can stand the hot temperatures on land, it still depends on

31 01, 2018

My Daily Routine

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Describe your typical working day, please. I usually get up at 7.30. Then I have breakfast, wash my face and brush my teeth and get dressed. It takes me 10 minutes to get to school. And I am at school at 8.20. School starts at 8.30. I usually have 6 or 7 lessongs a day.

31 01, 2018

Bengal Tigers

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Think of an animal and write about it. Bengal tiger, the Royal tiger or the Indian tiger Habitat: Bangladesh, Pakistan, East Iran, India, Nepal, Bhutan and China. Appearance: usually 2,7-3,1 metres long. Weight: 140-220 kilograms. Food: usually Indian buffaloes, mooses, pheasans, rabbits. Danger: attack animals and humans. Problems: people hunt them. Bengal tigers are wild animals.

16 01, 2018

Cherkasy, one of my favourite cities Level A1

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Write about a town, city or village near you.   One of my favourite cities is Cherkasy. It is situated on the river Dnipro. It's about one hour from Kaniv on the car. There are many places to visit in Cherkasy and many places where you can eat. My favourite is Lubava Mall. There you

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