10 05, 2019

Typical English Homes

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Elementary School Year 4 Speaking Speak about typical English homes. I'd like to tell you about typical English homes. Some English families live in flats, but lots of people have got their own houses. There are two floors in a traditional English house. Two or three bedrooms and a bathroom are upstairs. The living-room, the

9 04, 2019

Interesting Facts about Animals

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Elementary School Year 4 Student's Project My name is Gleb and I love animals. I'd like to share with you some interesting facts about animals. A chameleon is the most interesting lizard in the world. It is the best actor. It changes the colour of its skin like actors change clothes. It doesn’t look very

28 01, 2019

Birthday Parties

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Speak about birthday parties. Elementary School A birthday is a special day for a person. It is a personal holiday, but people like to be with their friends and their family on this day. That’s why they have birthday parties. "Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day!" Englishmen usually say to a person

21 07, 2018

Pinocchio, My Favourite Cartoon Character

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Tell about your favourite cartoon character. I'd like to tell about Pinocchio because he is one of my favourite cartoon characters. He is a wooden boy. Pinocchio’s dad’s name is Father Karlo. Pinocchio has got short blond hair. He’s got a long nose. When he tells lies, his nose gets bigger. I think he is

6 05, 2018

Ariel, the Mermaid

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Speak about a cartoon character This is a girl. Her name is Ariel. She is a mermaid. She lives in the sea. She is young. She is not very tall. She is slim. She hasn't got legs, she’s got a tail. She has got beautiful long wavy red hair. Her eyes are green. She is very pretty. She's

29 06, 2017

I like animals

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Do you like animals? Can you describe some of them? What are your favourite animals? Bears are big animals. They are fat. They are brown. They have four short legs. They have big mouths and little ears. They have short tails. They have big teeth and small eyes. They live in the forest. They can

22 05, 2017

Beginner: My Rabbit

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Have you got a pet? I have got a pet. It’s a rabbit. Its name is Sonia. It’s small. It’s young. It’s white and grey. It’s got four legs, two long ears, two eyes, a small nose and a small tail. Sonis likes eating carrots and cabbage. Sonia is funny and kind. I love my

22 05, 2017

My friend and his dog

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I  have got a friend. His name is Denis. Denis has got  blond hair. He has got a small nose, a pink mouth, blue  eyes and small ears. He has got a dog. It’s name is Sharik. It is small and funny. It is white. It has got a long tail and two short ears.

13 05, 2017

My Monster

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    This is my monster. His name is Flaffi. He is from planet Ziro. He has got two big, yellow horns. He’s got five pink eyes. He’s got a red tongue. He’s got eleven teeth. He’s got two long arms and two short legs. He hasn’t got any ears and hair. His tummy is yellow. I

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