3007, 2020

Newspapers Vocabulary

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Let's Talk About Newspapers Here you can find a collection of useful newspapers vocabulary. These words can be used for talking or writing about newspapers. Types of newspapers tabloid (таблоїд, бульварна газета) – gossip newspaper broadsheets

2307, 2020

Football in Britain

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Football is Popular in the UK To read the text about football in Britain check whether you know these words: association - асоціація The Football Association (FA for short) was started in 1863. cup - кубок The

2007, 2020

Great Britain Newspapers

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British Newspapers Read to know about Great Britain Newspapers Although American people spend a great deal of time watching TV, books and newspapers are still popular in this country. But the British people are greater

1707, 2020

Test 2 Focus on Sport

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Year 7  Sport Do Test 2 Focus on Sport Task 1. Complete the text with the words from the word bank. Word bank: fantastically, talent, distance, prizes, superhuman, hand, overturn, amazed, performed, Ukrainians, athletics, Ivano-Frankivsk.

1207, 2020

Bristol UK

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Discover Bristol in the United Kingdom What do you know about the city of Bristol UK? Bristol is a city in the United Kingdom  situated on the River Frome and River Avon. It is home to nearly

907, 2020

Test 1 Focus on Sport

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Year 7  Focus on Sport Do Test 1 Focus on Sport Task 1. Complete the text with the words from the word bank. Word bank: to kick, a fan, used to, kicking, transferred, players, busy, sons,

907, 2020

Present Perfect Elementary

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Let’s learn to use the Present Perfect Tense Present Perfect Elementary is for students of elementary school to make acquaintance with the Present Perfect Tense and start using it in the sentences of their own.

707, 2020


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Let's learn some interesting things about toucan The toucan is a colorful bird  which can be found in tropical forests of South America. It is well recognized by people all over the world. This bird