1601, 2020

Some or Any

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Grammar Time: Some or Any Elementary School Year 4 If you aren't sure what to use some or any, let's learn it together. And what is more you'll have a great chance to enrich your

1501, 2020

Kyiv My Favourite Places

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Develop your writing skills A website, MyFavouriteMap.com wants to make a map of the world showing everyone’s favourite places. They want people of all ages to write about places they like in the country in

401, 2020

British Independent Schools

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What do you know about British independent schools? Most children at independent schools are day pupils but there are boys and girls who attend eight hundred independent schools in the UK as boarders. They work,

1712, 2019

Attitude to Fashion

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What's Your Attitude to Fashion? I'd like to share my attitude to fashion. I'm a bit on the plump side. I don't fit in those Barbie doll clothes everybody wears. That's why I see myself

1612, 2019

William Hogarth English Painter

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Learning the language of any country is impossible without knowing its art. Painting of Great Britain helps you learn British culture and the British. Painting in England in the 17 - 19th centuries is represented

1512, 2019

Birmingham UK Second City

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Birmingham Read about Birmingham UK Second City  Birmingham is commonly referred to as the nation's "second city". Birmingham is situated in the centre of the upland area in the valleys of three small rivers: the Tame,

1512, 2019

Reading Test 1 Year 4

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Elementary School Year 4 Do Reading Test 1 Year 4 to improve your reading skills. Read the text It Doesn’t Matter Bessie is a little girl. She is five. She does not go to school.

1412, 2019

Emotional Intelligence Importance

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What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ) is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others,