1307, 2019

Political System of Canada

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Canada Read to know about the political system of Canada Political System of Canada: Brief Facts  Canada is an independent sovereign nation within the Commonwealth. It is a parliamentary democracy, and the federal, provincial, and

607, 2019

Speaking Writing Test 1 Year 7

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Develop your speaking and writing skills Do Speaking Writing Test 1 Year 7 Speaking Speak about your eating habits. Give some information about: — your typical menu for the day; — your favourite types of

507, 2019

The Passive Voice

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Let's learn the Passive Voice ► Пасивний стан в англійській мові вживається: коли дія більш важлива, ніж її виконавець: English is spoken all over the world. коли виконавець невідомий: The shop is closed at 8

107, 2019

Speaking Writing Test 1 Year 8

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Develop your speaking and writing skills Do Speaking Writing Test 1 Year 8 Speaking Talk about your favourite kind of sports. Give some information about: — how often you go in for sports; — a

2806, 2019

Canada Geography

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The Geographical Position of Canada Read to know about Canada Geography Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Total area of land is nearly ten million square kilometres. Its western coast

2406, 2019

My Dog Jessie

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Can you write a letter to your friend in English? Write about your pet. Hello Uliana! I want to tell you about my pet, my dog Jessie. She is two years old. She is a

2306, 2019

Ukrainian Constitution

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Learning Our Constitution Read the text to learn about Ukrainian Constitution Our Constitution was adopted on the 28th of June 1996 by the parliament called Verkhovna Rada. June 28th is a state holiday – the

2206, 2019

My Summer Holidays

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Elementary School Speaking Tell about your summer holidays June, July and August are summer months. The sun shines brightly. It is warm, even hot. Schoolchildren have their summer holidays. They spend much time on the