1802, 2024


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How do People Feel? Feelings are emotions that you feel. Emotions are natural to all humans. Feelings are the way we experience the world around us. They are like messages from our bodies telling us how

1202, 2024

Electrical Appliances

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Electrical Appliances Are Essential Tools Hi, I'm Irynka. In our homes, there is a magical world of electrical appliances that make our lives easier and more fun. These gadgets run on electricity and help us

102, 2024

Success in Business

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Essential Skills and Qualities for Success in Business Success in business demands a combination of skills, qualities, and a strategic mindset. In a dynamic and competitive environment, individuals aspiring to thrive in business need to

2801, 2024

Household Electrical Appliances

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Household Electrical Appliances at My Home Hi, I'm Sophia. Today I'd like to tell you about household electrical appliances which play a crucial role in our daily lives. They are our helpers that we can

2501, 2024


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Radio, a Medium of Mass Communication What is radio? Radio is  a form of mass media and sound communication by radio waves, usually through the transmission of music, news, and other types of programs from single

1401, 2024

Sleep For Health

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The Significance of Quality Sleep for Health Let's discuss the importance of enough sleep for health. Teenagers need a lot of sleep. How much? That depends on the person but usually about nine hours a night

1201, 2024

Successful Film

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What is the key to a successful film? What's more important in a film: the acting, the script or the special effects? The importance of acting, script, and special effects in a film can vary

1101, 2024

Most Important Inventions

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What Are the Most Important Inventions? What are the most important inventions? Deciding what inventions are the "most important" in everyday life can be different for everyone since it depends on individual needs and opinions.

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