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9 01, 2021

Children’s Parties

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Do You Like Parties? Learn the words to speak about children's parties. Year 5 Level A1+ Children's parties are very popular. Parites always have a theme. Children can have a teddy bear or a football party. Their mothers can make a cake in the form of a teddy bear or a football field. Children can

25 12, 2020

Informal Letter A Place in My Country I liked

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Writing an Informal Letter Exam in Mind  Level B1/B2 Let's write an informal letter A Place in My Country I liked Imagine you visited a aplces in your country which you really liked. Write a letter to your friend using a plan below: write some words about where the palce is situated and why you

17 12, 2020

Do You Believe in Santa Claus

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Story Time: I Believe in Santa Level A1/A1+ (Elementary/Upper Elementary) Reading Comprehension Year 5 Write the correct form of the verb. Use the Present Simple Tense. Do You Believe in Santa Claus? Many American children between the ages of two and seven ______ (believe) in Santa Claus. Santa Claus is an imaginary person. He ______

16 12, 2020

English Olympiad Year 11 Reading Test 3

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English Olympiad Do English Olympiad Year 11 Reading Test 3 to improve your reading skills and prepare for English Olympiad and an exam. Reading Comprehension Test for 11th Form Students You are going to read a brochure for tourists. Six sentences have been removed from the brochure. Choose from the sentences A-G the one which fits

15 12, 2020

Present Simple and Present Continuous

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Grammar Time: Present Simple and Present Continuous Exam in Mind Level B1 / B2 Revise Present Simple and Present Continuous Tenses before you start doing these exercises. Task 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Present Continuous. Dear Philip! I (write)_______________ to tell you about my holiday. I (stay)_______________ with my friend in

15 12, 2020

Snow Queen

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Write about a cartoon character, will you? Level A1+ (Upper Elementary) Hi, I'm Liliya and I'm fond of watching cartoons. Some of them are really amazing. My favourite cartoon characters are warm-hearted and kind, generous and helpful, cheerful and funny. But today I'd like to tell you about the Snow Queen. She is the queen

13 12, 2020

Stative Verbs

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Grammar Time: Stative Verbs Exam in Mind  Level B1 /B2 The English verb could be classified as dynamic, stative, or both. A dynamic verb describes an action; a stative verb describes a condition. Stative verbs describe permanent states or conditions. These verbs cannot be used in the continuous tenses. What are stative verbs? Verbs that are always

13 12, 2020

Present Simple vs Present Continuous

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Have practice in using Present Simple and Present Continuous Exam in Mind  Level B1 / B2 In general or right now? Present Simple vs Present Continuous Let's revise Present Simple vs Present Continuous Present Simple is used to describe: habitual actions or  permanent states:  She works in a bank.He sometimes goes swimming. I never do anything I feel is against

12 12, 2020

Human Rights Protection

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Current Issues of Human Rights Protection What are the problems in the implementation and protection of human rights in the 21st century? Which human rights are most under threat and need the greatest protection? Aniuta's Project December 10 is observed as Human Rights Day. On this day in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted

7 12, 2020

Kateryna Bilokur

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Kateryna Bilokur, Ukrainian Folk Artist Read and speak Kateryna Bilokur is a self-taught master who worked in primitive art (Naïve Art or Primitivism style) and decorative folk painting and loved to paint flowers. Kateryna Bilokur painted flowers and fruits in gardens, orchards and fields; still lifes; and several portraits and self-portraits. Her paintings display originality, vivid coloring, and great