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6 01, 2023

Christmas in Austria

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Christmas Traditions in Austria Read to find out about the celebration of Christmas in Austria. Level B1/B2 Austria shares many Christmas traditions with its neighbor Germany, but also has many special Christmas customs of its own. Christmas in Austria is one of the most beloved holidays. Advent During Advent, many families will have an Advent

20 12, 2022

Compare and Contrast

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Compare and Contrast in English Using the right words and phrases can help you express your ideas and describe your thoughts when you want to compare and contrast in English. You can use certain words to compare people, things, or ideas to show how they are similar or the same. You can also use certain

29 11, 2022

Unusual Houses

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Some Weird Buildings Hi, I'm Sofia. I'd like to share my project with you. There are many unique buildings around the world. There are some absolutely weird buildings. Here are some of the unusual houses. Crooked House Krzywy Domek (crooked house) is situated in the town of Sopot, Poland, and is a part of the

21 11, 2022

Phrasal Verbs

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What Are Phrasal Verbs? A phrasal verb is a verb which consists of a basic verb + another word or words. The two or three words that make up a phrasal verb form a short "phrase" that is why they are called "phrasal verbs". Exam in Mind Level B1/B2 Learn these phrasal verbs: bring up

21 11, 2022

Girl with a Pearl Earring

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Girl with a Pearl Earring Hello, I'm Dasha. I got a task in my English lesson to describe a painting. I was inspired by “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and I'd like to describe this painting. The painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” is considered to be one of the most popular paintings in the world.

5 11, 2022

Going to and Present Continuous

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Present Continuous vs Be Going to We use both going to and present continuous to speak about future plans. Exam in Mind Level A2/B1 What do Going To and Present Continuous have in common? Both going to and present continuous are used to express the same idea. Going to and present continuous are used to

16 10, 2022

Fair Trade

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What Is Fair Trade? What do you know about Fair Trade? Read and speak about this movement. Level B1/B2 Fair Trade is a worldwide movement that aims to help farmers and producers in less economically developed countries (LEDCs). The term fair trade means that they receive a fair price for the goods that they produce.

16 10, 2022

Must and Have to

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Must and Have to for Strong Obligation Both words must and have to are used to indicate a strong obligation. In the affirmative form, have to has the same meaning as must and is used to express obligations. However,  have to is much more flexible than must because we can use it in the past, the present and the future.

15 10, 2022

Lake District

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The Lake District, One of the Most Beautiful Areas in England Level A2/B1 The Lake District is a region of spectacular countryside in Cumbria, in the northwest of England. There are many lakes and more than 100 mountain peaks there. The Lake District is a national park. This area is also known as the Lakes

7 10, 2022

Pet Budgie

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My Pet Budgie Hello! My name is Sofia. I've got a pet budgie. Her name is Shura. She is very beautiful. Shura is sky-blue and she's got yellowish feathers on the front near her beak. She can't talk but I teach her to say her name.  Shura likes sitting on my finger and especially on my

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