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20 10, 2021

Reported Speech

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Grammar Time: Reported Speech. Exercises When we want to report what someone said, we use indirect or reported speech. Revise the rule and have practice doing these exercises. Exam in Mind Level B1 Task 1. Change the direct speech into reported speech. Choose the past simple of ‘ask’, ‘say’ or ‘tell’: “Don’t do it!” - She asked

20 10, 2021

My School Life

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My School Life Elementary School Year 4 Hi, I'm Karina. I'm a schoolgirl from Ukraine. I'm nine. I am in Year 4. It is the last year in primary school in Ukraine. I'd like to tell you about my school life. I really like learning because it is exciting. I think learning is important because

19 10, 2021

Tips to Give a Profile of Yourself

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Speaking: My Profile Hello, I'm Liza. I'm a teenager from Ukraine. Do you know how to give a profile of yourself? If your answer is negative, I can help you with some tips to give a profile of yourself. What is a profile? A profile is an introduction of yourself. Here are my tips how

17 10, 2021

About Your Family

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Tell Me About Your Family What can you tell about your family? Our family is big. Our family is small. Our family consists of 4 members. I have a united family. I have a happy family. I have a loving family. I love my family. Level A2 What are members of your family like? My

16 10, 2021

Back to School

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Welcome Back to School! Back to school means that it's time to work again. Good luck! Year 6 Back to School Words to Remember interactive whiteboard - інтерактивна дошка There is an interactive whiteboard in our English classroom. be fitted - бути встановленим, обладнаним All rooms are fitted with projectors and computers, and three of the

12 10, 2021

Choose a Career

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Is It Easy to Choose a Career? It’s not a simple matter to choose a career. It's one of the most important decisions in the life of any personality. Level B1 Choose a Career Words to Remember career - кар'єра, професія, заняття The college prepares students for a career in business. He is not really suited for a teaching career. He

6 10, 2021

Passive Reporting Structures

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Passive of Reporting Verbs Let's revise how to use passive reporting structures. Exam in Mind Level B1/B2 In informal language we often use impersonal expressions like: People think (that)… They say (that)… They expect (that)… In newspapers, reports and other more formal writing, this idea is often expressed with a structure based on a passive

6 10, 2021

Digital Learning

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Learning with Technology Digital learning is revolutionary and is constantly changing in step with new advances in technology. Read and speak about digital learning which is changing the system of education. Level B1 We must admit that times are changing. Teachers and students say this more than anyone. Day by day, digital learning is changing

4 10, 2021

Active and Passive Voice

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Grammar Time: Passive Voice Let's revise active and passive voice. Exam in Mind Level B1 Compare Active and Passive voice Present Simple We build the house. - The house is built. Present Continuous  We are building the house. - The house is being built. Present Perfect We have built the house. - The house has

1 10, 2021

Used To/Be Used To

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Used To/Be Used To/Get Used To Used to + infinitive and be/get used to + -ing look similar but they have very different uses. Let's learn how to use used to/be used to and get used to. Exam in Mind Level B1 used to We use used to + infinitive to talk about a past situation that is no longer true.