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24 05, 2024

The Most Useful Invention

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One of the Greatest Inventions in History There are several inventions that have had big effects on modern daily life. Cars can be considered one of the greatest inventions for many reasons. Cars are the most useful invention ever made by the mankind. Here are some key points that highlight their significance. Cars have changed how

24 05, 2024

My School

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Tell About Your School Hi there! I'm Vlad. Today I'd like to tell you about my school where I spend a great amount of time, so it's like my second home. I attend School Number Four, located in the center of Kaniv. It is a comprehensive secondary school offering a well-rounded education that includes academic

20 05, 2024

National Holidays

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National Celebrations What are national holidays? National holidays are events held by a country to commemorate significant occasions in its history, culture, or national identity. These celebrations often include ceremonies, parades, performances, concerts. These days are often public holidays. Why do many people enjoy participating in national celebrations? National holidays provide an opportunity for citizens

16 05, 2024

Advertising is Important

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Why Is Advertising Important? Advertising is important because it helps companies share information about their products or services with a lot of people. Advertisements can be found in many different places: on TV and radio in newspapers and magazines on the Internet (on web pages, on social media websites (on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) outdoors

5 05, 2024

Negative Prefixes

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Learn to Use Negative Prefixes A prefix is a letter or group of letters added to the beginning of a word to make a new word. Negative prefixes create a new word with an opposite or negative meaning. Sometimes adding a prefix to a word to make it negative isn't as simple as it seems. There are

26 03, 2024

Take a Gap Year

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What's a Gap Year? Read to find out what a gap year is, why and when the students take a gap year and what they do during this time. Level B1 A ‘gap year’ is a period of time, usually an academic year, when a student takes a break from formal education before starting college

17 03, 2024

Inversion after Negative Adverbials

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Inversion after Negative Adverbials What is an inversion? An inversion is when we put a verb before the subject in a sentence. A very effective way to make our language more emphatic is by inverting the order of a sentence.We can use inversion to add emphasis, especially in formal English. It is common, for example, in

17 03, 2024

Benefits and Drawbacks of Advertising

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Advertising Advertising is a powerful tool that shapes our perceptions, influences our choices, and plays a crucial role in both the economy and the cultural landscape. There are some benefits and drawbacks of advertising. Benefits of Advertising Advertisements tell about products, services, and events. It helps consumers stay informed what's going

7 03, 2024

Discussing Seafood

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Talking About Marine Cuisine When discussing seafood, there are several aspects you can cover to provide a comprehensive overview: Mention various types of seafood, such as fish (e.g., salmon, tuna, cod), shellfish (e.g., shrimp, crab, lobster), mollusks (e.g., oysters, mussels, clams), and cephalopods (e.g., squid, octopus). Highlight the nutritional benefits of seafood, such as being

18 02, 2024


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How do People Feel? Feelings are emotions that you feel. Emotions are natural to all humans. Feelings are the way we experience the world around us. They are like messages from our bodies telling us how we're doing. Sometimes we feel happy, excited, or calm. Other times we might feel sad, angry, or scared. Feelings can

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