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19 01, 2021

Gerunds and Infinitives as Subjects

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Gerunds and Infinitives We use Gerunds and Infinitives as subjects. Often an infinitive phrase is used with it as the object of a sentence: It is difficult to learn a second language. A gerund phrase is frequently used as the subject of a sentence: Learning a second language is difficult. An infinitive can also be

19 01, 2021

Adjectives Followed by Infinitives

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The Infinitives Adjectives Followed by Infinitives Certain adjectives can be immediately followed by infinitives. In general, the adjectives followed by infinitives describe a person (or persons), not a thing. Many of these adjectives describe a person’s feelings or attitudes. The expressions with a bullet • are usually followed by infinitive phrases with verbs such as

19 01, 2021

The Infinitive

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What is an Infinitive? The Infinitive is a non-finite form of the verb which names an action. As a rule the infinitive is used with the particle to. Students go to school to get knowledge. If two infinitives are connected by the conjunctions and or or, the particle to is placed only before the first infinitive.

13 01, 2021

Past Perfect

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Hardly ... when и No sooner...than + Past Perfect Scarcely/Nearly/Barely/Hardly + Past Perfect … when/as + Past Simple No sooner + Past Perfect … than + Past Simple No sooner had she come back than it started to snow. Barely had she stopped talking when he came in. Для придачи особой эмоциональности и выразительности может

11 01, 2021

Pablo Picasso

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Some Facts from Pablo Picasso's Biography Hi, I'm Katia. I'd like to share with you some information about an outstanding artist. “Every child is an artist. The trouble is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso is considered the greatest and one of the most influential artists of the

11 01, 2021

People Who Make Television Shows

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It really takes a crowd to make a TV programme! Level B1/B2 Enrich your vocabulary and speak about the members of a television crew. What does it take to make a top programme on TV? Lots of imagination, lots of energy and lots of people. Who are these people who make television shows and a

10 01, 2021

Gerunds and Infinitives with Verbs of Perception

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Grammar Time: Verbs of Perception Exam in Mind Level B1/B2 Let's learn to use Gerunds and Infinitives with verbs of perception. Certain verbs of perception are followed by either the simple form of a verb (=the infinitive form without “to”) or the –ing form of a verb. There is little difference in meaning between the

10 01, 2021

Ube Desserts

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Would You Like to Try Ube Desserts? Diana's Project Hi, I'm Diana and I'm studying the theme "Food. Cuisine" at the moment. I came across a new word 'ube' while making a "Food & Drink Alphabet". I have found some interesting facts about ube and would like to share them with you. Violet-colored ube desserts have

10 01, 2021

English Olympiad Year 9 Reading Test 6

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English Olympiad For those students who are keen on learning English and would like to check themselves doing English Olympiad Year 9 Reading Test 6 Reading Comprehension Test for Year 9 Students My Holidays On New Year’s Eve a few years ago I decided to go skiing for the first time with two friends. They are the complete

9 01, 2021

Past Simple Irregular Verbs  

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Grammar Time: Past Simple Irregular Verbs Exam in Mind Level B1/ B2 These exercises will help you to review Past Simple irregular verbs. Exercise 1.  Answer the questions as in the example. Pay attention to Past Simple Irregular Verbs  Example: Did you sit down? – Yes, I sat down. Did you drink any coffee before class?