Hello! My name is Artiom.  I’m from Kaniv, Ukraine. I’ve got many interests and hobbies. My passion is aikido, a modern Japanese martial art. I’m crazy about doing aikido. I’m interested in learning languages, especially English. English is one of my favourite subjects at school. My favourite activities in English class are doing projects, listening to stories and doing computer tests. I learn English to travel abroad and communicate with people from different countries.

My family isn’t big. We are three in the family: mom, dad and me. I think my family is friendly because we take care of each other. My parents love me and I love them. I can always ask my parents for advice. I’m sure that my family is my treasure.

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Dmytro Komarov

May 21st, 2023|

Writing a Biography Hi! My name 's Artiom and I learn how to write a biography. I'd like to write about Dmytro Komarov, whose documentaries I adore. Dmytro Komarov is a Ukrainian TV presenter, journalist,

Green Anaconda

May 21st, 2023|

The Biggest Snake in the World Hi there! I'm Artiom. I'm interested in nature and I love animals. Have you heard about green anaconda? I've found some absolutely amazing facts about these snakes. Level A2/B1

Family Is a Treasure

September 21st, 2022|

Speaking Time: My Family They say that a family is a treasure. Do you agree with this statement? Tell about your family using this plan: Is your family big or small? How many people are

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