Tell About Your School

Hi there! I’m Vlad. Today I’d like to tell you about my school where I spend a great amount of time, so it’s like my second home.

I attend School Number Four, located in the center of Kaniv. It is a comprehensive secondary school offering a well-rounded education that includes academic subjects as well as Art, Music, and Physical Education (PE). The school year is divided into two terms, starting on the first of September and ending for summer holidays at the beginning of June.

My school was built in the 1960s, so it’s rather old, but it has been renovated. My parents usually drive me to school, or I walk, which takes about 15 minutes. Our class consists of 28 pupils of mixed abilities. The teachers at our school are nice, helpful, demanding, and some are quite strict. Some of my classmates are kind, while others are not as friendly.

My school is well-equipped with all the necessary facilities, including a computer room, science labs, a football pitch, a canteen, a library, a gym, and a well-equipped English classroom. This year, we study many subjects, all of which are obligatory. The core subjects are Ukrainian, Ukrainian Literature, English, Mathematics, and History. My favorite subjects are English, PE, and History.

What I like most about my school are the people: my classmates, schoolmates, and some of my teachers. However, I don’t like that pupils get a lot of homework every day. Out-of-class activities usually start after lessons and are an integral part of school life. Pupils can join various clubs and participate in sports like football, volleyball, tennis, chess, judo, and karate. Many students also take part in sports competitions. Concerts, performances, festivals, parties, contests, and meetings are regularly held in our school assembly hall.

One thing I would like to change is our curriculum. Students should have the right to choose which subjects to study and be able to drop subjects that are boring, difficult, or uninteresting to them.

In conclusion, my school is not only a place to gain knowledge and education but also to make friends, develop social skills, discover talents, and choose a future career.