Describe your classroom, will you?

Let’s learn how to describe a classroom.

To describe your classroom say:

  • what it looks like: what floor the room is on; its size (how long, high and wide it is); if there are windows; what colour the walls are and how the room is decorated; the furniture; the equipment
  • what kind of lessons or activities are held there
  • how many people the room can hold
  • what feelings and emotions you experience there

Hi, I’m Irynka and today I’d like to say some words about my classroom. I’m a schoolgirl of year 7 in Kaniv school number 5. Our school is a not a regular one. It’s a boarding school because some of our students study and live there. What is more, it’s a sanatorium school and students get some medical treatment.

My classroom is on the third floor. It’s spacious and I should say that it is one of the biggest classrooms in our school. In my opinion it is the most beautiful one. There are four big windows with white blinds. The walls in my classroom are grey but the highlight is the bright graffiti wallpaper on one of the walls. It looks stylish and adds vibes.

Our classroom is well-furnished. We have all necessary furniture for studying. There are lots of desks and chairs, a teacher’s table, a bookcase and a chest-of-drawers. There are two comfortable sofas to relax.

I think our class is well-equipped because we have a smartboard, a projector, a board and a laptop on the teacher’s table. There is a pinboard with the posters of Ukrainian symbols.

We have all our classes here except PE, Maths, Biology and Craft. The affirmation written above the door “The best view comes after the hardest climb” teaches us that rewards follow challenging or difficult experiences. I think many of my classmates try to do their best in studying.

To sum up, I’d like to say that our classroom is modern, comfortable and bright. I love this room because I have many friends among my classmates.