What Afterclass Activities Do You Like?

Let’s talk about afterclass activities which help students learn, develop important life skills, make friends, and explore their passions beyond the classroom.

Level A2 Year 7/8

What club would you like to join to take part in afterclass activities?

Students can join various clubs to learn new things and develop their talents.

  • If you are keen on painting you can join an art club and learn how to draw and paint.
  • Drama club is for those students who are you good at acting, who want to present plays and performances and who love going to the theatre.
  • If you are crazy about sports and want to have fun playing football, basketball, volleyball or tennis, then join a sports club. You can also do such activities as judo, joga, workout and fitness.
  • A computer club is for the students who are you interested in computers, software and web design. They can learn new programmes, use PCs and the internet, play computer games and even take part in gaming tournaments.
  • Music club is for the students who are mad about music. They can join the school band or the school orchestra and learn to play musical instruments.
  • If you are fond of singinig you may develop your talent singing in the school choir.
  • You may join a photography club if you love taking photos. You will print your own pictures and take part in exhibitions.
  • Students who enjoy participating in hiking and camping can join an outdoor adventure club to explore and observe nature.
  • Dance club is for dance lovers.
  • You can join an English club to focus on learning different culture and language.
  • Craft club is for those who love doing various things by hand (origami, knitting, embroidery, pottery, sewing, jewelry making, beading, woodworking, candle making, soap making, collage, quilting)

I would like to join … because I think / In my opinion it’s …

  • In my opinion, Sports Club is great. I am fond of sports activities. I’ll join the Sports Club! But I won’t join the Photography Club. I think it is boring.
  • I would like to join the Art Club because it’s fun. I don’t want to join the Sports Club. I think it’s tiring.

dull, tiring, awful, boring, fun, interesting, brilliant, fantastic, exciting

Students can take part in such afterclass activities as:  

  • sports activities
  • sports competitions
  • student government
  • concerts
  • performances
  • meetings with interesting people
  • voluntary work
  • academic competitions
  • school trips
  • excursions
  • visits to the cinema/theatre/circus
  • fairs
  • exhibitions
  • choir
  • orchestra/band
  • dancing
  • arts and crafts
  • scavenger hunts
  • contests
  • academic competitions
  • quizzes

Word List

afterclass activities – позакласні заходи
extracurricular activities, out-of-school activities, out-of-class activities, afterschool activities
My classmates take an active part in afterclass activities. There are clubs and other extracurricular activities at the school.

student government – учнівське самоврядування
She is active in student government.

perform – виконувати
The children always perform a nativity play every Christmas. Computers can perform a variety of tasks.

performance – виконання, спектакль
The pianist gave a fine performance.

voluntary work – добровільна робота
She does a lot of voluntary work for the Red Cross.

academic competitions – академічні змагання
I take part in academic competitions in Maths and English.

excursion – екскурсія
Our class will make an excursion to Kyiv. The tour includes a three-day excursion to Disneyland.

fair – ярмарок
Craft fairs are held in the centre of the town. Charity fairs are sometimes organized at our school.

exhibition – виставка
I asked him to come to the exhibition but he’d already seen it. You can see the students’ projects at the exhibition.

orchestra – оркестр
The orchestra is preparing for a concert.

scavenger hunt – квест (полювання на сміття)
A scavenger hunt is a game, usually played outdoors, in which the players must collect various objects from a list of things they have been given. They go on a scavenger hunt, trying to find a chicken, which has a key to a car, which takes them to a hill next to a parking lot.

in my opinion – на мою думку
In my opinion, golf is a dull sport.

choir – хор
She loves singing in a school choir.

tournament – турнір
All lovers of chess are invited to take part in a chess tournament on Saturday at 3 p.m.

announce – оголошувати, повідомляти
The school Drama Club wishes to announce it is holding a new performance which will be held in the Assembly Hall on Friday at 4 pm. All pupils are welcome.

announcement – оголошення, об’ява
Make an announcement about any afterclass activity or a school event you are going to have.

join  – приєднатися
To join means to become part of. I’d like to join the chess club. What club would you like to join?

join in – приєднуватись
To join in means to take part in the activities of something. Sometimes my dad joins me in playing computer games and we play against each other.

practise – практикуватись, займатися
I practise playing the violin two hours a day.

practice – практика
Knowledge starts with practice. Practice makes perfect.

contest – конкурс
Various contests are organised in our school.

quiz / quizzes – вікторина / вікторини
The magazine publishes a quiz once a month. We have quizzes and writing practice in English class.

After Class Activities

In September all seven-year students spent twenty-four hours away from school at Green Hills. This was only a short period, but it helped new students to get to know each other. Students took part in walks, games, and worked on different school subjects together. The weather wasn’t very kind, but the day was trouble-free and all enjoyed doing projects a lot.

After a successful visit to Green Hills, they went on another visit to Confield to do some tasks on History. Although a serious study day, it was an enjoyable day out too! 7A are now looking forward to their day out in Alton Tower Park. The visit is their prize for selling the most tickets for the Christmas Fair.

At the end of June the Year Council organized a fun disco evening. Robert Smith, an ex-student of the school, came as D.J. to make the disco and enjoyable evening.

In October we had Children’s Book Week. We were happy to have a visit by the author Rich Anderson. Rich has written over twenty books and has won the award. He talked on how he got his ideas and answered many questions on writing and literature. We also had a visit to a mobile exhibition where we had a chance to read a lot of books.

Word List

a short period – короткий період
to get to know each other – пізнати один одного
walks – прогулянки
trouble-free – безпроблемний
successful – успішний
another – інший, ще один
tasks on History – завдання з історії
although – хоча, незважаючи на те, що
a serious study day – серйозний навчальний день
they are looking forward to – вони з нетерпінням чекають
Council – Рада
organize – організовувати
ex-student – колишній студент
D. J. – діджей, диск-жокей
author – автор
win (won, won) an award – здобути нагороду
a mobile exhibition – пересувна виставка