What Is Your Dream School?

Hi there! I’m Artiom and  want to talk about my dream school. First, I dream of a school where not only teachers but also robots will be responsible for teaching.

In my ideal school, students can choose their favorite subjects, and each child will learn no more than six subjects. What is more, there will be a multi-story school building, perhaps with eight floors and an elevator, where classrooms for different subjects will be situated on different floors.

I imagine we could go on exciting trips to different places and countries with our classmates. It would be so cool if celebrities came to visit our classes and inspire and motivate us.

In my dream school, students who do well and get excellent marks would receive fantastic prizes. There would even be a little zoo, and we could have horse riding classes. Also, we’d have a big swimming pool for swimming lessons all year round.

I have one more dream about food – I want robots to cook yummy, healthy, and delicious meals for us. And instead of too many math classes, we’d have more fun PE (Physical Education) classes.

Most importantly, there will be no war, and people will live in peace. There won’t be any air raid alerts or missile attacks, and children won’t need to spend time in bomb shelters.