Film Review Mr Queen

Hello! My name is Liliya, and I’d like to tell you about my favourite film. I’ve recently got interested in watching doramas. I found my favorite and it is Mr Queen. TV series from Southeast Asia, primarily from Japan and South Korea, are called doramas. The very word “dorama” is a naturalized version of the English drama.

Mr Queen  is a 2020 South Korean television series based on the Chinese web series Go Princess Go. Mr Queen is a dorama and a mix of genres: comedy, melodrama, fantasy, and historical drama which is not based on real events. Directed, written and co-edited by Yoon Sung-sik. It stars Shin Hye-sun as Queen Cheorin and Kim Jung-hyun as King Cheoljong. The original language of the drama is Korean.

The drama is about Queen Cheorin finding herself with the soul of a modern-day man inside her body, and King Cheoljong striving to be a king who helps his people.

In the modern age, Jang Bong-hwan is a head chef who works at the Blue House. He is a womanizer with a free spirit, and one day gets in trouble when a Chinese delegate takes out a fish hook after biting into the food cooked by him. After a near-death experience one day, he finds himself in the body of Queen Cheorin in the Joseon period.

The film tells the story of the Joseon dynasty. Joseon is a Korean state that existed from 1392 to 1897. Joseon was the last dynastic kingdom of Korea, lasting just over 500 years. During its 500-year duration, Joseon encouraged the entrenchment of Confucian ideals and doctrines in Korean society. Much of modern Korean culture, etiquette, norms, and societal attitudes toward current issues, along with the modern Korean language and its dialects, derive from the culture and traditions of Joseon. Modern Korean bureaucracy and administrative divisions were also established during the Joseon period.

King Cheoljong, the reigning monarch, is a gentle and easy-going person. However, he is a king as a figurehead, while the true power is wielded by the late King Sunjo’s widow, Queen Sunwon. Bong-hwan goes on a mission to win Queen Sunwon’s favor by cooking for her and try to get back to his body in modern Korea. At the end he returns to his body.

In the course of the story, the action develops dramatically. In general, the drama Mr Queen is an exciting story about struggle, self-improvement and achieving dreams. It reminds that with self-belief and the support of loved ones, you can achieve even the most incredible goals. The costumes are gorgeous! I recommend you to watch it either by yourself or with your family.