What Clothes Do You Wear?

Hi! I’m Karinka and I ‘d like to tell what clothes I wear and what my attitude to fashion is.

Year 5 Level A1+

I think that clothes are important because they protect us from cold and heat, dust and insects and they make us look beautiful.

People wear different clothes in different seasons.

In spring and early autumn when the weather is warm I wear a light jacket, a windbreaker or a raincoat, jeans, trousers and sneakers.

In summer when it is warm and hot outside I wear T-shirts and shorts, dresses and sandals and a cap, of course. I like wearing sunglasses. In summer it is one of my favourite accessories.

When the weather is rainy, it’s necessary to wear waterproof clothes like waterproof boots, rubber boots or Wellingtons, raincoats or take an umbrella not to get wet.

In winter when the weather is cold, frosty and snowy I wear a warm coat, a woolly hat, warm boots, sweaters and pullovers. Such accessories as gloves, mittens and scarves are a must.

My favourite clothes are trousers, T-shirts, shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and sneakers. I feel comfortable in these clothes.

I’m lucky that I don’t have to wear a school uniform when I go to school.

On some special occasions like birthday parties, parties, holidays I enjoy dressing up. I feel fine wearing smart dresses and shoes. I am fond of theme parties when you can wear fancy dresses and costumes.

At home I wear comfortable and cosy clothes. My favourite are soft Unicorn overalls.

I wear sports clothes when I have my PE classes.

As for the colours of clothes I wear, I love purple and black. I prefer loose-fitting or oversize clothes to tight ones. Sometimes I borrow some of my  mum’s clothes.

I am interested in fashion but I can’t say that wearing fashionable clothes is very important for me.