Practice in Writing

There is a teacher from the USA in your school. He is going to organize an English-speaking club for students and asked you to write a note. Include the following information:

  • who is organizing the club;
  • how often the club will meet;
  • activities;
  • number of students in a group.

Level A2/B1

Hi there! I’m Liliya and here is my note:

Dear students,

I am excited to announce that a new English-speaking club will be starting in our school! The club will be organized by Mr. Johnson, a teacher from the USA who is passionate about helping students improve their English language skills.

The club will meet every Wednesday after school for one hour. This regular schedule will allow students to practice speaking English consistently and develop their confidence in using the language.

During the club meetings, various activities will be organized to make the learning experience enjoyable and interactive. These activities may include group discussions, debates, role-plays, language games, and presentations. The focus will be on improving speaking and listening skills, expanding vocabulary, and enhancing overall communication abilities in English.

To ensure effective learning and interaction, each group will consist of around 10 to 15 students. This manageable size will allow everyone to actively participate and receive individual attention.

I encourage all interested students to sign up for the English-speaking club. It is a wonderful opportunity to practice English in a supportive and fun environment. Please see Mr. Johnson to register or for any further information.

Let’s make the most of this opportunity and improve our English skills together!

Check whether you know these words:

announce – оголосити
be passionate about – бути захопленим
improve language skills – вдосконалювати мовні навички
regular schedule – регулярний графік
consistently – послідовно
develop confidence – розвивати впевненість
enhance overall communication abilities – підвищити загальні комунікативні здібності
manageable – керований
actively participate – aктивно брати участь
receive individual attention – отримати індивідуальну увагу
further information – додаткова інформація
encourage – заохочувати
opportunity – можливість
supportive – підтримуючий
environment – оточення
ensure effective learning and interaction – забезпечити ефективне навчання та взаємодію