Have You Ever Seen These Unusual Buildings?

Hi there! I’m Veronica and I’d like you to get to know about some unusual unique structures of the world that are built weirdly. These incredible and strange buildings have exclusive designs to attract tourists in my motherland Ukraine and around the world.

“Wave House” in Odesa

“Wave House” is an unusual cottage located on the first line. Its sea front is perfectly visible to vacationers on Chaika beach.
According to rumors, the building belongs to local oligarch Boris Kaufman, and according to other information, to one of the owners of “Finbank” Oleksandr Mamontenko. The name of the architect, by the way, is known – the dacha was designed and built by Mykola Matyushenko. For the project, he chose the so-called “bionic architecture”, which takes ideas from living nature. As a result, the house resembles the creation of the Spaniard Antonio Gaudi.

“Disneyland” near Kyiv

The “Disney” castle belongs to one of the largest film studios of Ukraine, Victoria Film Studios, on the sets of which many popular series and films were filmed. The castle is the main entrance to the film studio. Entering it, as well as the territory of the film studio, is prohibited. Excursions are not conducted. It is located near the village of Hurivshchyna in the Kyiv-Sviatoshyn district.

The castle is made of real stones, metal and wood. From the outside, it resembles a fairy-tale castle from the screensaver of the Walt Disney film company, on whose cartoons and films more than one generation has grown up and will grow up.
Despite its appearance, a classic princess castle, it has many interesting elements from non-children’s movies. Near the entrance is a metal sculpture of the main antagonist of the cult horror film “Alien” and a sculpture of the main antagonist of the cult action film “Predator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Batman is standing on the wall, and in front of the castle is the Iron Throne from the popular series Game of Thrones.

The castle is worth seeing, even if you can’t go inside or walk around the studio. This is a beautiful and interesting building, which stands 850 meters from the Zhytomyr highway. Be sure to visit it when you are nearby.

Restaurant-museum “Stary Mlyn“, Ternopil

The museum restaurant “Stary Mlyn” is an authentic place that is the hallmark of Ternopil. The basis of the building is the foundation of the old steam mill, which functioned on this site even before the war.
In the “Old Mill” you can fully feel the atmosphere of the Ukrainian flavor and taste the national dishes of the Galician-Podilskyi cuisine, prepared according to ancient recipes. Everything languishes, smokes and bakes in grandfather’s wood-fired ovens.

Hotel Bon-Bon, Donetsk

Hotel “Bon Bon” in Donetsk managed to become famous all over the world in two years of its existence. The unusual and whimsical architecture of the building is reminiscent of the style of Antonio Gaudi, whose unfinished cathedral in Barcelona still causes a lot of controversy. However, administrator Sasha Tytova disagrees with the comparison.

Habitat 67, Canada

This residential complex was designed in 1966-67 by Moshe Safdi. Outwardly, it looks like a pile of cubes carefully collected by a small child. Ordinary Canadian families currently live here.
The complex is formed from 354 cubes placed in a special order on top of each other. It has 146 apartments, most of which have their own small garden on the neighbor’s roof. The residential complex was built more than 45 years ago, but it never ceases to amaze both Canadians and guests of this country with its unusual appearance and scale. The value of this real estate is high now, it is considered elite.

“Dancing House”, Prague

In the center of the Czech capital, Prague, there is an unusual building known by the names “Dancing House”, “Drunk House” and “Ginger and Fred”. The construction of the “Dancing House” began in 1994 and was completed two years later. Previously, a building in the neoclassical style was located on this site, which was destroyed during the bombing of Prague by the Americans in 1945. For many years after that, there were ruins on the site of the building, which were removed only in the 60s.

“Bubble House”, Cannes, France

The bubble house is located on the French Riviera, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It was built in 1989 according to the project of architect Antti Lovag and purchased by fashion designer Pierre Cardin. Located in one of the most glamorous areas of France, the building is often rented out for parties or photo shoots.

Basket house, Newark, USA

In such a whimsical building, created in 1997, there is an office of the construction company Longaberger. Many experts tried to dissuade the owner of the firm, Dave Longaberger, from implementing such an extravagant project, but the entrepreneur stood his ground. As a result, a giant basket worth $ 30 million appeared in Newark. The total area of the seven-story building is 16.7 thousand square meters.

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