Writing an Informal Letter

Write about your last journey: a voyage by ship, a journey by plane or a trip by train.

Level A2

Hi there! I’m Irynka and here is my letter to a friend about my trip by train to a fantastic city of Lviv.

Hi Masha !
How are you I’m sorry it took me so long to write. My trip to Lviv was great! I traveled by train together with my mum and the members of my dancing club. We had to take part in dancing competitions and we wanted to go sightseeing in Lviv. Thus we travelled on business and for pleasure.

We bought tickets beforehand. When the day of our departure came we went to the railway station. When our train arrived at the platform we got on. The carriage and compartment were appointed in our tickets, and we found them easily. Our compartment was rather comfortable. I had an upper berth and it was great fun. We travelled at night and came to Lviv early in the morning.

On the first day we checked in the hotel and went for a walk around the city. Lviv was so beautiful with its old buildings, monuments and streets. We also climbed the hills. In spite of cloudy weather the view was spectacular! The next day we had a dancing competition until almost 9 p.m. 

The thing that I enjoyed the most in Lviv was our visit to Opera House. We watched the ballet ‘Giselle’. We had a lot of fun! The plot impressed me and I enjoyed watching ballet dancers.

‘Giselle’ is a sad story about a pretty girl named Giselle who lived in a village. She liked a guy named Albrecht, who pretended to be someone else. But then another guy named Hilarion found out the truth and told Giselle. Giselle got really sad and her heart broke, so she went crazy and died.

But even after she died, Giselle’s spirit stayed around to help Albrecht. There were some mean lady ghosts called Wilis who wanted to hurt Albrecht, but Giselle’s ghost protected him from them.

The following day we had a trip by train again, back home. 

That’s all for now. Write back with your news.

Love always,