My English Lessons

Hi there! I’m Dasha. This essay is about my English lessons with the words of gratitude to my teacher.

My English journey started when I became a student at a school specializing in learning foreign languages. Since then, it has been rather easy for me to learn the English language. But at the age of 13, I felt a need and desire to deepen my knowledge of English and take extra classes. Since Iryna Illivna had taught a part of my extended family, I had an image of my future teacher in my mind. My parents told me that I would be given a lot of homework assignments, and Iryna Illivna would be quite demanding. I won’t lie, I thought my quiet and peaceful days were about to end. However, everything turned out to be the opposite of all my fearful thoughts! I remember my first class… How little knowledge I had at that time and how unconfident I was. Luckily, four years of studying had a positive influence on me!

My extra English lessons improved my English level. At first, I made a lot of mistakes, and of course, compared to the workload in my school, I wasn’t prepared for those long lists of homework assignments. But each time, the number of mistakes became lower and lower. Therefore, now I am quite proficient in speaking English. Moreover, in addition to studying grammar and new vocabulary, I have learned a great deal about outstanding people and our world! During the lessons, I learned about educational and political systems in foreign countries, art and music, writers, scientists, and more. So, I can say that my perspective on the world has changed! The growth of myself as a person who learns English can be defined by a situation when a British woman praised my level of English. I will never forget her words, which meant a lot to me at that time! A native speaker motivated me to put more effort into learning English.

I’m convinced that the result of studying depends half on the student and half on the teacher. The teacher can either motivate you or make you hate a subject. It’s important for me to have a teacher with whom I can feel a pleasant, friendly atmosphere and not feel disgusted by the classes. As I felt a lack of it in my school, Iryna Illivna, who was my first tutor ever, successfully fulfilled all my preferences! Despite the significant age difference with my tutor, we were able to have nice conversations and be on the same wavelength. Now, I’m sure I made the right choice!

Four years is enough time to get used to the classes and the teacher, but I have to continue moving forward! However, my English journey is not over. I have put in too much effort to waste all my knowledge. Thus, this language is a great tool for traveling abroad, meeting new people, and obtaining better job opportunities.

To all beginners learning English, I can say that they should do it for themselves, not for exams, teachers, parents, etc. Unless you have a specific goal in mind, you won’t achieve positive results!