Tell About Your Last Journey

Hi there! I’m Artiom and I’d like to tell about my journey to Turkey. I went there with my family three years ago. The travel agency helped us arrange our journey to Turkey, do all the papers and book tickets in advance. My uncle took my family and me to the airport in the town of Boryspil by car. It is the biggest international airport in Ukraine.

When we arrived at the airport, we didn’t take the cart because our suitcases had small wheels and we rolled them. Then we went through the check-in desk. The agent weighed our luggage, checked our tickets and passports there. He gave us our boarding passes. After that we went to passport control. We showed our passports to the customs officer. Next, a security officer checked our hand luggage. And we went to the departure lounge.

The airport was amazing, it was like a little town. It had its own shops, banks and cafes. Before the flight we went shopping. We bought some goods at the duty-free shop. I bought a pillow for the flight. My mother bought some cosmetics. My dad bought a T-shirt. After that we bought some food and drank coffee in a cafe.

I liked to watch the pilots and mechanics through the big airport window.

When our flight was already announced we got on the airbus. It took us to the plane. On board the plane I watched cartoons and looked out the window. The air hostess brought us some snacks and drinks. I slept  half-way. I was lucky not to have any airsickness. It took us three hours to get to the airport in Turkey. 

My family and I were in Turkey two weeks. We stayed in a comfortable hotel. It was amazing! We went to the sea every day. We swam and saw beautiful fish which looked like snakes. I swam in the pool every day too. We went to the aquapark and I enjoyed sliding there. On the last day I had a cool adventure: I enjoyed parasailing (parachute sailing). 


As for the food, it was delicious but my favourite were the prawns and burgers. 

We took lots of pictures and now they remind us about our happy moments. 

I enjoyed my journey to Turkey, I brought unforgettable impressions and I’d like to go there again.