English Olympiad Year 8 Speaking Test 1

English Olympiad

Speaking Comprehension Test for 8th Form Students

Do English Olympiad Year 8 Speaking Test 1. These twenty situations for speaking will help you improve your speaking skills and prepare for English Olympiad and an exam.

  1. Talk about your best friend at school. How did you meet him/her? Describe him/her. What do you do together?
  2. How do people (in your country) meet others and make friends? Would you like to have a few very good friends or a lot of just friends? If you had a problem, would you go to your friends or family? Why?
  3. Which factors make for a long-lasting friendship? Do you think it’s necessary to like the same things as your friends? Would you like to have friends in different parts of the world?
  4. Is health the individual’s responsibility or that of society? In your country, do people work out in the same way as in other countries? How is it different? Do health awareness programs supported by the government and other organizations create any real impact on people?
  5. What do you do to stay fit and healthy? How often do you do it? Who do you do it with? Why do you think staying fit and healthy is important?
  6. How should children be educated about the importance of maintaining good health? What are the negative impacts, if any, of technological advances on the lifestyles of people nowadays? Should unhealthy products be banned? If so, then how? How can people become more aware of the implications of eating unhealthy food?
  7. What are some good eating habits that people are expected to follow nowadays? Is it good to watch TV while eating? How have food habits changed in your hometown? Is there a unique food habit that your family follows in your hometown?
  8. Describe an unusual or interesting activity you did recently. Where did you do it? When did you do it? Who did you do it with? Why was it interesting?
  9. Please describe your typical daily routine. What part (or time) of the day do you feel most active (or, feel your best)? (Why?) What do you usually do at that time? If you could make one change to your daily routine, what would it be?
  10. What leisure centres and places for entertainment are there in your hometown? What leisure facilities are there specially for young people in your hometown? What benefits can young people get from such facilities?
  11. Describe different ways of getting the news. Do you get the news every day? Is the news national or international? How do you get your news (TV, radio, newspaper, internet)? Do you think it is important to be up to date with news?
  12. What role do the media play in people’s lives? What are some advantages and disadvantages of different media? Do you think the information on the internet is reliable?
  13. Do you use internet much during the day? What do you usually do on the internet? What are some of the advantages of internet? What are the disadvantages of Internet?
  14. Do people in your country use internet a lot? Do you do any shopping online? Do you send and receive email regularly? Who do you usually communicate with?
  15. Describe your favourite style of music. Why do you like this type of music? Where and when do you normally listen to music? What role does music play in people’s life?
  16. Why is it easier for children to learn to play a musical instrument? Are there any benefits from learning to play a musical instrument? Do you play any musical instrument?
  17. Do you read a lot? What kind of books do you read? Why? How important is reading for learning to speak a language? Can reading produce spoken fluency in a foreign language?
  18. What interesting facts do you know about Ukraine? What do you like about Ukraine? What part of Ukraine would you like to live in? Why? What does it mean to be Ukrainian? What are the most important features that every Ukrainian has to possess?
  19. What would you like to do and see in Britain on a three-week holiday? How do you think British people would describe their country? Would you like to live in Great Britain? What parts of British culture are popular in your country?
  20. Do you enjoy your school? How can the type of school you go to affect career success? What changes do you think will happen in the classroom in the near future? What important lessons do we learn from schools?

What situations for speaking in English Olympiad Year 8 Speaking Test 1 were:

  • the easiest
  • the most difficult
  • the most interesting
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