Writing an Informal Letter

Imagine you are spending a holiday at an activity camp. Write a letter to your friend and tell:

  • what you are doing there
  • which of the activities you like and which ones you don’t like very much
  • how you feel about the camp and whether you could recommend it

Exam in Mind Level B1/B2

Hello! My name’s Dasha and this is my letter about my stay at an activity camp.

Dear Scarlett,

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to share with you my experience at the international activity camp where I have already spent half of my week’s holiday. Despite it being autumn, the weather here is amazing. We are fortunate to have warm sun with no rain or wind.

I chose the Music Programme upon my arrival at the camp. We are learning various types of dances, and I can already feel myself becoming more flexible after just several lesson. I have made numerous friends from different countries of the world during my time here. Together, we have decided to create our own show for the closing ceremony. We are preparing for this event with great enthusiasm, as we want to show what we have learned to our teachers and fellow campers. We have come up with a creative idea to perform different national dances. The camp staff will make a video of the show, and I will be able to share it to you.

The camp provides comfortable accommodation, and the food is delicious. The teachers are professionals who know how to work with teenagers. However, the main drawback for me is the lack of relaxation time. We have to wake up early in the morning, and our schedule is packed throughout the day. We only have one free hour in the evening, which I spend chatting with my family and friends.

Overall, I adore this camp. It is an ideal place where we have fun, learn new things, and improve our skills. I highly recommend that you consider spending time here. It is truly worth it.

Best wishes,