What Is the House of Your Dream?

My dream house is a place where I’ll find comfort and peace. What is the house of your dream? Write an essay, will you?

Exam in Mind Level B1/B2

Hi there! I’m Veronika. Are there people who have never dreamed of the future? I doubt it. So, I often think about it. One of the dreams for the future concerns the perfect house, and I want to share what my dream house is.

If money weren’t a problem, I would like to live in my own house surrounded by a light pine wood and a lake nearby.

The house would be large, two floors in a black modern style, with large panoramic windows, especially on the first floor, which would overlook a spacious backyard with pine trees, a gazebo, a pool, and a big outdoor hanging chair under the house roof. Within the house, the interior will also be in a modern style, mostly dark in color and with small accents of wood and greenery.

My dream house house will have a spacious studio room on the first floor, which will include a living room with a dining room and a fitted kitchen, as well as a separate small bathroom and a storeroom. There will also be a direct exit to the garage, both from within and from the outside on two sides. On the second floor, I would like to have a spacious, stylish bedroom with a large bed and a built-in wardrobe, along with panoramic windows providing access to a spacious balcony where, during the rain, one could enjoy a cup of coffee and the atmosphere. I would also like to have two guest bedrooms on the second floor, as well as my own office and a dark bathroom with a bathtub and a power shower.

I don’t like neighbors because I love being alone and feel safer that way, so I would prefer them to be about a kilometer from my house.

It would be wonderful to have such a house, so I will do everything to live in my dream house in the future.