There are lots of ideas for a school celebration. Imagine you are a designer who was asked to decorate your school for a celebration. In your text:

  • write what celebration it’s going to be;
  • describe what decorations you are going to make;
  • write who you will ask for help.

Exam in Mind Level B1/B2

Hi there! I’m Dasha and this is my description of a school celebration.

On October 31st, people in many countries celebrate Halloween. The holiday is also known as “All Hallows’ Eve”. It is mostly celebrated in the USA, Canada, Ireland, and Great Britain, where children wear different costumes and collect sweets from neighbors asking ‘trick or treat’. Officially, there is no holiday as Halloween in my country, but many restaurants, cafes, and shops are decorated with pumpkins and silhouettes of witches and black cats. Also, nightclubs organize events and parties to celebrate Halloween.

I study at a school specialized in learning foreign languages, which aims to introduce students to different cultures. Halloween is a holiday of English-speaking countries, so our school encourages students to experience the atmosphere of this celebration. As a designer, I was given the task of decorating my school for a Halloween celebration.

I have listed all the necessary decorations and what needs to be made, painted, etc. The school consists of three floors, and each floor must be decorated with silhouettes of pumpkins, black cats, witches, ghosts, and spiders. Cutting paper figures is an easy job, so elementary level students will handle that. Then, on the second and third floors, we have special zones for posters. On each holiday, children make posters drawing symbols and writing poems. Halloween is no exception, so senior students will be given the task. There are many creative children among them, and I’m sure there will be plenty of unique pieces of art.