Writing an Informal Letter

You have received a surprise birthday gift from an English friend who lives in another town. Write an email to your friend in which you:

  • thank him/her for the gift
  • say what you like about it and what you will use it for
  • describe how you celelbrated your birthday

Hi! My name’s Veronika and here is my email about a surprise birthday gift.

Level B1/B2

Hi Erica,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the incredible birthday gift you gave me. I really appreciate it and have been wanting this particular lens for a long time. I am amazed that you were able to guess what I needed, and you really hit the mark. In just a week, I have a photo shoot planned where I will be able to make use of the unique effects this lens provides. I have tested all the lenses you gave me, and they are beautiful. I am attaching some photos taken with them at the end of this email.

The first lens I will be using for the photo shoot gives a retro-style blur effect. The second one is ideal for taking pictures of lanterns or a night city; instead of the usual blurred rays, it produces rays that look like stars, as you can see in the attached photo. The third lens produces a cool modernist blur.

All of the photos I took were captured after the celebration. We had a big dinner with family and friends, and after that, my friends and I went to Kyiv to do some testing and take a walk around the city at night. We visited a new shopping center, went to the cinema, and even visited a cyberpunk cafe. It was a very interesting experience.

Thank you again for the gift. I cannot wait for you to come so I can thank you in person. See you soon!

Best regards,