Are Celebrities a Bad Influence?

Celebrities influence people. They have a significant influence on people’s lifestyles, choices, behaviour.

Celebrities often set fashion trends, and people tend to copy their clothing style, accessories, and makeup.

Celebrities often have a luxurious and extravagant lifestyle, which many people aspire to have. They may have expensive cars, houses, and possessions that people may try to emulate.

Many celebrities use their influence to promote social causes, such as charity work, political campaigns, or environmental protection. People may be influenced to support these causes based on their favorite celebrity’s support for them.

Celebrities often recommend products or brands, and their fans may be influenced to buy these products based on their favorite celebrity’s endorsement.

Celebrities’ behavior, whether good or bad, can also influence people’s behavior. For instance, when a celebrity advocates for healthy living, their fans may be influenced to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Overall, celebrities can influence people’s behavior, beliefs, and attitudes through their actions and public image. However, it’s important to remember that celebrities are human beings, and their actions may not always be a positive influence. It’s up to individuals to make informed decisions and use their own judgment.

Writing a letter to the editor

You have read an article in a newspaper about bad celelbrities influence. Write a letter to the editor and explain why you disagree with the author of the article and give and example of a person who is a good role model for you.

Hi, I am Veronika and here is my letter:

Dear Ms Parker,

I recently read your article from September 30th entitled “Celebrities Are a Bad Influence”, in which your journalist expressed the opinion that there are no celebrities setting a good example for teenagers nowadays. However, I feel I must challenge this statement based on my own experience.

For me, Serhii Sternenko is a great example of a celebrity who sets a positive example. He is an activist who has his own YouTube channel, with over one million subscribers. On his channel, he discusses political issues and highlights traitors, collaborators, and important events. He has a remarkable story of self-identification and national consciousness. He was born in Odesa, a Russian-speaking city, and initially created Russian rap until 2014 when he became a nationalist. He has survived three assassination attempts, ordered by the local authorities in Odesa who are still in power to this day. During the last attack, Serhii wounded the attacker, who later died. Legal proceedings continue to this day, and Serhii is still fighting against the local authorities of his city, highlighting traitors on his channel and beyond.

Serhii Sternenko is an inspiration to many, and he demonstrates that everyone can change their mindset. He has helped many people to realize their national identity, and a new generation of Ukrainians is growing up with a sense of national consciousness thanks to his videos. He went to fight at the front at the beginning of the full-scale war and returned after two months to continue his help as a volunteer.

In fact, there are many celebrities who have a positive influence on the youth. I would like to assure you that a negative or positive influence depends on the person. I must emphasize that it is important to acknowledge and highlight the good examples that celebrities set for young people, rather than focusing on the negative aspects.

I hope this letter helps to broaden the conversation and highlight the positive influence that some celebrities have on young people.


Ann Smith