Some Interesting Facts about Macaws

Hi there! I’m Sofia and I keep parrots as pets. I’d like to tell you some interesting facts about macaws, parrots which have become popular pets all around the world due to their beauty and entertainment value.

There are over 400 species of parrots in the world. Macaws are the largest species of parrots. The biggest species is the Hyacinth macaw. The biggest birds weigh between 2 and 4 pounds (1 – 2 kg)  and have extremely light bones that let them fly. Ara are blue-and-yellow macaws

Macaws are native to South and Central America, can be found from southern Mexico to northern Argentina. They love rainforests, although they may also be found in various types of forests, woodlands, and savannah-like settings. They are common in the Amazon, including blue and yellow, scarlet and red and green macaws.

Macaws mate for life. They choose a spouse and stay with them for life after they reach breeding age, which is typically 3 to 4 years old. Partners spend a lot of time together to share food, groom, and care for their young. They may also fly close to one another.

They nest high in trees to avoid predation.

Their diet mainly consists of fruits, seeds, leaves, flowers and nuts. Some Macaws have the strength to crack coconut shells.

Some macaws can mimic human speech and other sounds. Parrots can imitate various sounds: from the human voice to the noise of working household appliances. They do this only with the help of their mouths, because birds do not have vocal cords. There are even schools in Australia that specialize in teaching parrots to speak.

Macaws are considered to be one of the most intelligent birds. Their vocal powers are the most prominent part of their intellect. They are social creatures with a highly developed vocal learning center in their brain. Wild macaws can create and respond to certain sounds made by members of their family and larger flock. A parent will, name each of their chicks, and all members will be able to mimic these particular cries.

Macaws are pretty loud. You will most likely hear a macaw before you see it. They have acute hearing and turn their heads one hundred and eighty degrees.

A macaw’s lifespan is rather long. They can live 60 years in the wild. When kept as pets, they can live up to 80 years and even up to 100 years.

Almost all macaw species are endangered, critically endangered, or extinct.

The Amazon’s inhabitants wear gorgeous headdress of macaw feathers. These feathers are not only for decoration but they are among the most valuable goods in Amazonian culture for various reasons. One motivation to wear unique, brilliantly colored feathers is to associate the person with nature. Another reason is for the significant mythical powers of the feathers.

Which fact did you like the most? Do you know any other interesting facts about these awesome birds? Leave your comment.