Writing: My Hobby

Hi, I’m Dasha and I’d like to say some words about my hobby.

Exam in Mind Level B1/B2

Imagine you’re asked to write an article about your hobby. In your text:

  • write what hobby or hobbies you’ve got;
  • write how long you have been fond of it or them;
  • add some details concerning your hobby.

Our typical days usually consist of studying, working and fulfilling duties. But it’s essential to find time for ourselves, our interests and things we enjoy doing. What is more, if you don’t have enough rest, it will definitely influence your work in a bad way. Thus, having a hobby may help you to recover.

I’m a student of high school, and most of my time is devoted to schooling and preparation for school-leaving exam. Anyway, there are some days which I keep only for myself, for my interests and my true desires. When I have free time, I may buy some sweets and watch TV shows and films. While watching I forget about all the problems, duties, deadlines and I focus only on the plot. I prefer such genres as horror, thriller, and fantasy. Such film genres are always full of events and action. Especially, some episodes can be so fascinating and catchy, that I can’t stop watching them. However, some people say, that watching films is aimless. But I absolutely disagree! Usually, directors and screenwriters want to share important things through the screen, pay attention to problems of contemporary world. Moreover, it is possible to watch films with subtitles if you learn a foreign language. It can be interesting and useful at the same time.

Except of watching films and TV shows I enjoy listening to music. I turn on music which is connected with my mood, emotions and feelings. There are so many songs of different genres and musicians on my playlist. Some of them I can definitely call masterpieces. Despite bringing joy, music helps me to concentrate. Usually, I cook, study, do make up to music. What is more, I share this hobby with my friends. When we spend time together, we often listen to music. We sing and dance without caring about people who pass by.

Summing up, I’d like to mention that I’ve been enjoying watching films and listening to music since early childhood. But my preferences in adolescence have changed.  Both cinema and music are considered to be significant forms of art. The primary purpose of films is to tell us something about who we are as human beings and give us understanding of life. Music is an important part of my life as it is a way of expressing my feelings, reducing stress and negative emotions and boosting moments of joy. My hobby teaches me as well as entertains.

To summarize, I’d like to recommend everyone to spend their spare time by doing things you love. Apparently, it will be a big benefit for you!