Speaking: Studying and Future Plans

Let’s talk about studying and future plans.

Exam in Mind Level B1

Hi, I’m Dima and I prepared the answers to the following questions:

Do you work or study?
I am currently studying. I’m still in high school, in my final year. I am graduating from high school in Ukraine this year. So I’m studying for my final exams now.

What is your favorite subject?
I love history. I’m in a class with profound studying of history so we have quite a lot of history classes. I like our history teacher’s way of teaching. She tells fascinating stories from the past and what is more she’s got a good sense of humour. I just want to say that world history and the history of Ukraine are interesting subjects.

Is it a difficult subject to study?
History is not a difficult subject; in general you just listen to the informaion and write down the main facts in a notebook.

What is the best thing about your school?
Now I study in an online school, so we don’t have offline lessons and I don’t have to go to school. All lessons are already recorded on the platform where we watch them and then take the tests.

What are your future study plans?
After school, I want to enter a university in Europe and complete a Bachelor’s degree in business. After that, I think I will earn a Master’s degree somewhere in another country in computer science and engineering.

What kind of job would you prefer after graduation?
I want a job that crosses the border between information technology and management. That’s why I think that working somewhere in a startup is suitable for me.

What is your career plan after you graduate?
After studying I think I will take a break to prepare myself better for the job market in various business and technical fields. And then I want to return to Ukraine and work for a company or start my own business somewhere in my country.

Why are you taking the IELTS test?
I am taking the IELTS test to study in Europe in English. I need a good score to be able to apply to good universities in Europe.

Do you work or study?

These examples of how to answer the question will be useful:

  • At the moment, I work for McDonalds in my hometown. But I’m looking for a better job related to my major, which is in marketing.
  • I work. I’ve been working as a freelance web designer for two years now.
  • I’m currently an assistant English teacher living in Hungary. When I pass my IELTS, I plan to become a proper teacher.
  • I’m working in a medical field that deals with diseases related to aging. My employer is a large multinational company.
  • I work. I run my own company. It’s an import and export company based in Warsaw in Poland.
  • I’m a vet nurse and housekeeper for a very nice family in London. I’ve been working in this job for six months now. I’m like being the part of the family.
  • I work for a chocolate factory in Germany. I’m a professional chocolate taster.
  • I study. I’m still in high school, in my final year. So I’m studying for my final exams now.
  • I’m a university student. My major is supply chain logistics. I’m studying to start a career as a supply chain manager.
  • I’m currently in my freshman year at college. My major is applied mathematics.
  • I’m studying a major in computer animation. I’d like to work in the animated movie industry.
  • I study. I’m currently in my second year at university, and my major is office administration, which I think is a really useful degree to have.
  • I’m at law school, studying to become a lawyer. It’s early days so I don’t yet know which field of law I’ll specialize in.
  • Actually, I both study and work at the moment. I’m going to college to learn medicine, and I work as a waiter in the evenings to pay for my degree.
  • I’m studying to become a plumber, but that involves practical work too because I’m studying an apprenticeship, which means I’m learning while I work.
  • I have work as a language tutor, but I’m also studying evening classes to become an examiner. So I’m both working and studying at the moment.
  • Both. I’m a freelance copywriter by profession, but I’m always studying courses on the side to improve my skills.
  • I’m still at high school, but I’ve taken on a paper round job so I can save some money. So I’m doing both at the moment.
  • Neither, to be honest. I graduated last year, so I’m not studying anymore. And currently, I’m taking a gap year to travel, so I’m not working either.
  • I’m seeking work at the moment. I’m currently between jobs. Hopefully, I’ll be employed again soon.

Source: https://band7success.com/do-you-work-or-study-ielts-speaking-20-example-answers

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